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Monday, July 28, 2003

Bush Cabal Makes Trials Unnecessary. Just Slaughters Evil doers and "Enemy Combatants." | news | world news Iraq 'informant' faces reprisals

There are more questions than answers as a result of the horrendous slaughter of Saddam's sons. And no discalimer from me...chimper_cabal delivered a Nazi-like state execution to 'enemies of the state.' Chimper may discover that the longer you ride on the back of the tiger, the more likely you are to end up in its stomach.

Part of a report on the aftermath from

"The cousins of Uday and Qusay and Saddam are arranging to kill the family. Naturally, the family will be killed," the man, also a real estate broker, said on condition of anonymity.

Even if they were not saddened that Saddam's sons were gone, many in Mosul felt it was their own personal business, not the Americans, to dole out justice.

Most Iraqis wanted to deal with Saddam and his sons according to Iraqi principles, explained Mohammed Taher al-Abid Rabu, a member of the Mosul city council.

Yet Rabu also sees Nawaf's shirking of his responsibilities as an Arab, particularly the sheltering of two Muslims seeking aid, as a prime reason why he was labelled a traitor in this city.

"According to our Arab traditions and principles, he who seeks refuge must be protected."


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