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Friday, November 28, 2003

War Criminal Visits troops Bearing Bird--THE TURKEY HAS LANDED

Yahoo! News - U.S. Soldier Killed in Iraq Hours After Bush Visit

The Price WE pay for Chimp Photo-ops

Let's see, the "Mission Accomplished" photo op, wherein elChimpo's press people lied and said the USS Abe Lincoln was 500 miles out to sea and they needed a jet to deliver him, when it was only 35 and had to be turned about, burning 5000 gallons of fuel, so as not to reveal the California skyline--that made too much farce, ignorance, and accented the lies, to use in an effort to get elected for the first time. (The Lying Press Whores who reported that President Clinton's haircut stopped air traffic in Washington International didn't even raise an eyebrow about this!)

And the Cap'n Bunnypants outfit elChimpo wore that day has been donated to the Action Comics museum. No photo op there anymore.

The much ballyhooed disaster of elChimpo's England trip, along with 500 heavily armed SWAT, 3 BlackHawk helicopters in the air at all times for three days, and three different bulletproof motorcades (all going in different directions to fool 'terraists') to drive the coward from #10 back to his heavily fortified and nearly destroyed room in the centuries old Buckinham, can't use those pictures. Too much chickenhsit cowardice evident there. No handshaking the loving crowds like Clinton. Hell, the English HATE bush and his junta, just as most Americans do.

The Queen wouldn't even look elChimpo in the eye! She hated the little bastard and, like guests that your family arranged and you couldn't escape, she wore a little bell that gave her reason to get away from the court fool and his pretzel wielding wife at every opportunity.

No photo op there. And Tony Blair wouldn't PRAY with elChimpo! What a slap! "We don't do prayer for politics," Blair's press people would say.

So--how 'bout a bold, exciting surprise for the journalists of the whore mongering press in the USA? Put the pantywaist to sleep in AF1, spend $250,000 on fuel, and another $400,000 on security, to fly elChimpo to Baghdad! Wake him up, slip him the Turkey, and then fly him out.

The stunt got the best press coverage from England, with a picture of elChimpo...and the caption: THE TURKEY HAS LANDED!



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