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Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Dr. Howard Dean Is Ready to Step In and Take Over the Reigns of USA Government

Howard Dean’s Keys To The White House

Carl F. Worden

When I wrote “President Howard Dean”, Al Gore hadn’t yet given Dean his endorsement. It was yet another solid step Dean achieved on his journey to the White House in November.

I am a Christian conservative who voted for Bush in 2000, and I write for a largely conservative and excellent Internet news and opinion publication called The Sierra Times. Remarkably, the positive responses I received from that article ran 8 to 2, 2 being those who said I was dead, absolutely DEAD wrong. The fact that largely conservative readers responded as positively as they did, means I am not wrong, and I am sticking to my prediction that Howard Dean will be sworn in as the 44th President of the United States.

Don’t misunderstand me: Dean’s platform supports all forms of elective abortion, which I strongly oppose, but pinch yourselves and try to remember that it is the Judiciary Branch that controls the issue of abortion – not the Executive Branch – and that means a presidential candidate’s position on abortion means little more than window dressing – window dressing that gets 100% of the “Choice” voter.

Dean is also pro-gun, and although some would disagree with that, try to remember that Dean was Governor of Vermont, the only state in the Union that allows the concealed carry of guns without a special permit.

The pundits and Dean’s Democratic opponents are criticizing Dean for his opinion that Saddam Hussein’s capture did not mean America was more “safe” from terrorist attack, and that he did not consider Osama bin Laden guilty until proven in a court of law.

That makes me shake my head: Saddam’s capture didn’t make America more safe from future terrorist attack, and it is a fact that no American really knows for certain that Osama bin Laden actually did orchestrate the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center. All we have is the word of the government on that. Honest-to-God, I really don’t know about that myself. Do you? Have you seen the evidence for yourself? No, I haven’t either… Think about it.

If Howard Dean embraces the American principle that a person is presumed innocent, doesn’t that make him credible and enhance his integrity in the public eye? It certainly does for me.

So let’s see: Bush announced through a spokesman several months ago that he would extend the federal assault weapons ban (AWB). Maybe he just wanted to see what kind of reaction he’d get to that, kind of like a political weather balloon of sorts.

When the AWB was passed under Clinton ten years ago, there was a massive and fatal loss of Democratic seats in Congress. It was a vicious backlash that even Clinton admitted was due to passage of the AWB.

Maybe Bush thinks a faux Christian conservative president could get away with it, but the retard in the Oval Office is in for a nasty backlash himself if he extends the AWB, and I think the idiot will: Most pro-gun voters are pro-gun, one-issue voters, and if Bush extends the AWB, the personal and vindictive backlash against him in November 2004 will be just as harsh, even if it means a vote for Dean. To those voters, what’s the difference??

The issue that I believe will put Dean right over the top will be his condemnation of NAFTA/GATT, free trade, and his pledge to end our participation in the World Trade Organization. If Dean wants to win by a comfortable margin, all he has to do is THAT. The massive number of red states that voted for Bush last election will turn to blue, and Dean will waltz into the White House like a halfback who strolls untouched into the end zone. End of game.

Of course, I have no idea what Dean’s position is on free trade, NAFTA/GATT or the WTO. As far as I know, he hasn’t said. Maybe he’s saving that for the finishing shot. I’m speculating of course, but Mr. Dean, if you are reading this, I just gave you the keys to the White House.

Carl F. Worden

Copyright 2003 The Sierra Times


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