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Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Somebody Kick Kerry in His Ass And Get His Lungs Pumping

The Wall Street Journal, whose right-wing views correspond closely to those of the administration, published an editorial Monday concluding that “the US has probably gone too easy on most arrested Iraqis.”

This is the same message that has filtered down from the White House to the lowest ranking reservist. The invasion of Iraq has been cast as part of a global “war on terrorism” in which you are either “with us or with the terrorists.”

With the great majority of Iraqis opposing the occupation of their country and many thousands of them taking up armed resistance, demoralized and disoriented troops are encouraged to see a nation of terrorists against whom no violence is too terrible. The inevitable result is mass brutality fueled in part by the racial contempt that is encouraged among the occupiers for the occupied in every colonial war.

The result of these methods has been an explosive growth of support for the struggle to defeat the US occupation. In a telling interview by Time Asia, Jumpei Yasuda, a journalist and one of the Japanese taken hostage earlier this month, described a conversation with one of the fighters holding him:

“The man who pointed his gun at me told me he was walking on the sidewalk and was arrested by the GIs when he wouldn’t answer their questions. He said he was imprisoned for almost a month and regularly beaten up. One day, he said, he was taken to a private room and sexually assaulted. He asked me what I would have done if I were him, and I had no answer.”

There has been no outraged reaction from the Democratic Party—including John Kerry—to the torture revelations. Instead, leading Democrats have reiterated their commitment to continuing the occupation that gave rise to these crimes.

The Democrats’ sole concern is that the release of the photographs further undermines this crisis-ridden military operation. Like the Republicans, they are concerned not about ending the brutality against the Iraqi people, but rather with subduing the Iraqis in order to seize oil resources and establish US hegemony in the region and globally.

There is no reason to believe that the Army, the Congress or any other part of the US government will carry out a serious investigation into the use of torture in Iraq. Every section of the ruling establishment is implicated in this war and, therefore, in all of the atrocities it has spawned. A concerted attempt is already under way to bury the issue as quickly as possible, limiting responsibility to those at the bottom of the chain of command who were caught executing the orders and policies devised in Washington.

The hideous practices at Abu Ghraib are not a question of mistakes, poor training or inadequate discipline. They are criminal acts that flow inevitably from a greater crime, the conspiracy to invade and conquer Iraq.

Someone kick Kerry in his behind. He is doing Al Gore a great favor being more bland and boring than his predecessor.

Go. Kerry. the john and get rid of your political constipation. You were in such a hurry to beat Howard Dean, and since then you have bored the hell out of everyone. You have missed every chance to enlarge the disgust Americans feel with Bush.

And now even Arianna Huffington is sending an email to her mailing list asking all of us to tell you to GET A LIFE.

If you loose to this idiot chimp after attacking Dr Dean with all of that 'don't send anger' bull, you deserve a rocking chair next to Gore. Or worse. You should spend the rest of your life listening to your sonorous, senatorial tones putting audiences to sleep from one end of the political spectrum to the other.


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