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As we enter a new era of politics, we hope to see that Obama has the courage to fight the policies that Progressives hate. Will he have the fortitude to turn the economic future of America to help the working man? Or will he turn out to be just a pawn of big money, as he seems to be right now.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004


We Have Been Invaded By Our Own Government

When Will What The People Want Count?

Who can we trust in government?

The Republican Party has become the voice of the extreme religious Right and the extremely wealthy. They no longer represent the common Republican voter by supporting extremist causes and issues while ignoring the needs of the working-class voter.

The Democratic Party is no better. Part of the party allows the Right extremist agenda to go forward without much of a fight. The other part leans so far Left they have alienated most of the members of the Democratic party.

Both parties have pushed forth a bill that has, in effect, discounted the Bill of Rights - without reading it!! That bill is called The Patriot Act!

They have used fear tactics in order to force compliance from an already fearful public to prevent questions in passing the bill. What have your representatives done to reverse this bill?

They have done their best to cover up mistakes made in investigating 9/11 as well as leading to the war in Iraq. Any citizen who dares to question the motives of going to this war is freely targeted as unpatriotic or worse, a traitor.

What have our representatives done about our rights for free speech? Will they be in your corner if you want to protest in front of the President when you are told to stay 3 or more miles away where you cannot be seen or heard??

During the Clinton era, the Republican party was glad to find anything on the President to get a special investigation task force to see his wrong-doings which may have compromised our security before 9/11. Had Clinton been left alone, could he have been more aware of details?

When will Congress investigate the sins of the Bush administration? When will they call for his censure for sins against this country that are far worse than anything Bill Clinton has done? We are not stupid! We know the Bush administration has totally ignored warnings which spelled out impending doom before 9/11 - no matter how much they want to side-step the guilt!!

Of course we care about safety, but it has been so blown out of proportion to the realities of the world situation. Bush has not made things safer, but worse. What will our representatives do to correct mistakes made in diplomatic relations and heal the wounds with our allies?

What was the point in creating such fear about potential terrorism based on vague details about methods, times and place with the alert system? What real practical value were these alerts other than to create a fearful public who needs to be dependent on the government that may not really have their best interests at heart? And then to have such alerts, but not being able to fund all the towns to carry out the extra security measures was totally irresponsible.

We are also concerned about issues that have been ignored far too long.

No Child Left Behind has left behind millions of children in schools from poor districts.

Welfare and unemployment cuts have made a larger contribution to those living at or below the poverty level.

New job creations of near minimum wage employment is not helping those who are desperate for supporting their families.

Trickle Down Economic tactics to give tax cuts to the rich have failed. Not only has the cuts not trickled down to help the poor, but it has created a huge deficit. The businesses who were supposed to benefit from such tax relief in theory were to create more jobs in the US. Instead, more corporations have taken the money and run to other countries.

This is the first "don't tax and spend" politician I have ever witnessed in action!

Veterans, whom the President claims to admire, have been royaly screwed as he has cut their pay and benefits. He has put them in harms way and dares to cut their pay and benefits? Why are our representatives doing nothing about this?

Our older citizens are now having to deal with cutbacks in health care benefits while having programs such as medication payments almost totally eliminated.

Why do we have people in offices appointed by Bush to lead the country based on a narrow interpretation of Christianity? Should we have someone who believes prayer is the cure-all in charge of health care issues? Or someone in charge of women's issues who is strongly opposed to birth control rights? Where were our representatives when such decisions were made?

What about those voters from Florida who were disenfranchised? When will they be allowed to stand before a panel and have their justice? Where were their representative before Bush was officially allowed to take over the Presidency?

The only resource the common voter has to represent his needs and wants is through our elected members we send into the Congress and Senate. Thus far, most of them have turned their backs on the ones who have put them in office in order to support the agendas of large corporations or extremist groups.

The checks and balance system of our government has been severly compromised! The Executive Office has far too much power and our representatives have rolled over and handed them their power on a silver platter.

It is time for the people to take our power back. We need to contact our representatives and make sure we know exactly what they are doing for us and their record of representation.

If they are not representing us, they are not doing their job and need to be fired. Let them know we are serious. If they do not represent us, they did not earn our vote and do not deserve their salary. It is time for them to look for a new job!

If the average person has no voice in government, our government has failed us. When it comes to this point, it needs to be fixed. If we cannot fix it within the laws of our country, then I fear it is time for another revolution. People are growing tired and may not be patient much longer!

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