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Saturday, July 10, 2004

War Criminal John Negroponte, a Ghoulish Reincarnated Terrorist From Reagan years, Heads Iraq Puppet_junta

US occupation "hands over" Iraq to lethal puppet regime, assuring deeper US entrenchment and terror

Special Report

"In a secret ceremony on June 28, Iraq's "sovereignty," which was taken by force in 2003, was "handed over" to an Iraqi interim puppet government constructed and controlled by the US, appointed by the US proconsul Paul Bremer, and headed by terrorist and CIA asset Iyad Allawi. This follows the recent appointment of war criminal and terrorist John Negroponte as the new US ambassador to Iraq. What hell Iraq has already been subjected to may pale in comparison to what is to come.

Marking the handover at the NATO summit in Istanbul, a leering US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld slipped George W. Bush the confirmation note penned by Condoleeza Rice that read, "Iraq is sovereign." The smug Bush added the words, "Let freedom reign!" then informed British Prime Minister Tony Blair. Bush and Blair congratulated each other for the cameras.

Grotesque propaganda notwithstanding, Iraq is not sovereign. And there will be no freedom. The world knows it."

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