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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Chimp_Junta Shuts Down "Free Santa Cruz," Liberal Radio--In First Raid in 50 Years!!!

Democracy Now! Longest-Standing Pirate Radio Station Free Radio Santa Cruz Shut Down by FCC:

"Pirate radio station Free Radio Santa Cruz which had been operating without a license for nearly 10 years, was raided yesterday for the first time and shut down. We go to Santa Cruz to speak with two of the station's longtime programmers. [includes rush transcript]

Yesterday morning at 9:20 in Santa Cruz, California, two dozen armed federal agents with automatic weapons and riot gear raided pirate radio station Radio Free Santa Cruz. The station had just finished airing its regular broadcast of Democracy Now! when the agents arrived on the scene. Moments after the initial raid, 5 agents from the (Chimp_Junta) Federal Communications Commission arrived on the scene.

They (Chimp_Junta) located the transmitter and seized all of the station's broadcast equipment, including the antenna. More than 50 local residents showed up on the scene to protest the shut-down of the independent radio station. Free Radio Santa Cruz has been on the air, operating without a license for nearly 10 years and has never been raided before yesterday. Despite its unlicensed status, the station recently won a resolution of support from the Santa Cruz City Council. "


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