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Thursday, October 28, 2004

Doofus Dumbya Lies Again. Kerry Must Stop Calling the Lies by Nice Names...BUSH LIES...PEOPLE DIE--PERIOD!

Missing explosives at Al Qaqaa: Bush caught in another Iraq war lie:
"By Patrick Martin
28 October 2004
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The Bush administration's political fortunes have been dealt a serious blow, only a week before the presidential election, with the revelation October 25 that 400 tons of extremely powerful explosives some potentially usable in detonators for nuclear weapons have gone missing in Iraq.
A joint investigation by the New York Times and CBS News found that the huge stockpile of high-powered explosives, of three types known by their abbreviations as HMX, RDX and PETN, has disappeared from one of Saddam Hussein's largest conventional weapons depots, at Al Qaqaa, 30 miles south of Baghdad. The facility was captured by US forces during the invasion of Iraq, but not carefully inspected until May 27, 2003, when US agents found that all of the explosive materials had been removed.

Nearly three weeks ago, on October 10, the US puppet government in Baghdad reported the disappearance of the explosives in a letter to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the chief nuclear weapons inspection agency of the United Nations. IAEA Director General Mohamed ElBaradei presented the letter to the UN Security Council, but the US and UN officials concealed the news until after the Times article was published Monday. (According to an editorial in the Wall Street Journal, a rabidly pro-Bush media outlet, the administration knew of the disappearance from October 15.)

The letter to the IAEA from Mohammad J. Abbas, an official of the Iraqi Ministry of Science and Technology, gave the quantities of missing explosives as 215 tons of HMX, 156 tons of RDX and 6 tons of PETN. The substances are the most lethal non-nuclear explosives used in making armaments. "



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