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Sunday, October 24, 2004

Whoops! We Made A Little Bo-Boo!

The lying and corrupt sons of bitches squatting in our nation's White House would like you to forget the whole run up to their war in Iraq. They want you to blame it on the CIA. Blame it on the FBI. Blame it on Santa Claus...

Blame it on anyone except the vicious war criminal, George W Bush, who was never elected by the people. Blame it on anyone except the guy who twisted any information he received to relate it in some way to get his daddy's nemesis, Saddam Hussein.

Blame it on anyone except the coward, George W Bush, who did anything and said anything to get AWOL in 1972. The coward who would not take his flight physical, unheard of for pilots to avoid their physicals in the TANG. I know. I am a pilot. The only reason you duck your physical, expecially when you have signed a contract with the TANG, a contract that will keep you out of Viet Nam if you follow it...a CONTRACT to do something you swore an oath to do.

Don't blame Bush. He doesn't believe what he doesn't want you to believe he doesn't believe he didn't do.

This little fraud is the worst monster on the planet, but still gets up on a stage, rolls up his sleeves like his arch-nememsis Dr. Howard Dean used to do, and chats up audiences of the sworn believers. He swears his soul to God, but pass the ammunition to the OTHER guy.

Just think about how corrupt this bastard and his whole cabal of criminal co-conspirators is, and has been, to the American public. My little blog here may only be read by six or eight hundred people in any given time. But they have the power to remember. They have the power to call a spade a spade, and remind their friends, families and co workers how important it is to have HONEST elected officials.

We can suffer the mistakes of HONEST officials. We can survive the mistakes of the heart made by ELECTED officials. But we must NEVER, NEVER, allow a man who has proven himself capable of lying through his teeth to the American people, after they were good enough to suffer his appointment to the highest office in the land by a conspiracy of criminal Supreme Court Judges...We must NEVER allow such a son of a bitch to remain in that office when he comes to us, hat in hand, begging for his job for four more years.

Anyone who would vote for this bastard becomes an ersatz war criminal...guilty by association...of the Iraqi devestation. Killers of women, children, elderly; burglers of history such as Donald Rumsfeld who declared "Democracy is messy. People can steal in a democracy."

No one of good conscience would align themselves with war criminals and conspirators to kill and maim the innocent.

No one of good conscience should vote for George W Bush.

A. J. Franklin


  • At 9:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I don't think rummy said it exactly that way, but you got it close enough for government work. And I agree on the war criminal comparison.

    If life was fair and these felonious mother fuckers didn't think of themselves as above the laws of man and God, they WOULD HANG BY THEIR NECKS AND SLOWLY TWIST IN THE WIND.

    Friend of AJ


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