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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

The Best Part Of Robert Novak Ran Down His Daddy's Leg, But Novak called Texas Dems "scumbags"

Novak called Texas Dems "scumbags" ... [Media Matters for America]: "Novak called Texas Dems 'scumbags'

In a discussion about redistricting in Texas on the October 30 edition of CNN's The Capital Gang, nationally syndicated columnist and CNN host Robert D. Novak, a regular panelist on the show, called Texas Democrats 'scumbags':

MARK SHIELDS (Capital Gang moderator): Would you be willing to take the Iowa system to Texas? I mean to make the Iowa system, where it's drawn absolutely fairly? I mean, whatever you say about Iowa, those are fair districts.

NOVAK: Sure. Sure. I mean, your people have been down there as scumbags -- wait a minute.

SHIELDS: Hey, hey, hey, back off.

NOVAK: All right. All right. All right. All right.


ALBERT R. HUNT (Washington editor of The Wall Street Journal and Capital Gang panelist): Bob, this is the first time you have ever gone along with anything that was Iowan. I am so pleased that you've seen --

NOVAK: No, but I mean they have been terrible down there in having a Democratic gerrymander, and now that there's a payback, you're whining.

SHIELDS: Your people. Your people. Next on Capital Gang"


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