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As we enter a new era of politics, we hope to see that Obama has the courage to fight the policies that Progressives hate. Will he have the fortitude to turn the economic future of America to help the working man? Or will he turn out to be just a pawn of big money, as he seems to be right now.

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Editorial: Lifted from a favorite Political Involvement Page, Daily Kos:

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I will continue....
by understandinglife
Sun Nov 7th, 2004 at 07:24:49 PST strive to convince you and the other leaders in the dKos community to seize the opportunity to drive a Non-Partisan, major effort to rally all American Citizens to demand equivalent access to a verifiable, unambiguous process for selecting the President of our Nation.

I remain convinced that this endeavor needs to originate from the networked community of activist, progressive citizens because I do think this community can establish a non-partisan and organized endeavor.

I urge that we focus on a unique and powerful opportunity between now and 13 Dec 2004 to call 'halt, repair, re-vote' and prove, in the most elemental and dramatic way that Americans mean what they say to the rest of the world; that we are not all talk about 'one person, one vote', we mean it.

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We do not need evidence of 'fraud' to call 'halt.' We have more than enough evidence of multiple mechanisms of disenfranchisement -- from ambiguous voting procedures and ballots, to persons having to stand in line for hours to vote.

The unique and powerful opportunity we have happens to be entirely NON-PARTISAN.

It is not an anti-Bush issue any more than it is a pro-Kerry issue. It is a pro-Democracy issue.
So, I think we have a way to restore our Democracy and we have an opportunity to make it happen, not in fits and starts, but in a full-scale endeavor with a milestone of maximum participation of all citizens on 12 Dec 2004 in a concerted demand for equivalent access to a verifiable, unambiguous process for selecting the President of our Nation.

Please consider recommending a broad debate and synthesis of input and determination of whether to launch a call for a coordinated effort.


I have attempted to avoid the unproven issues swirling around potential fraud. In fact, I think the 'fraud' issue can be a distraction, to a large extent, from the central, core issue of disenfranchisement in all of it's manifestations. Though I respect fully what Bev Harris and her and others are doing. And given the various statements from experts like President Carter, e.g., "....some basic international requirements for a fair election are missing in Florida" it is reasonable that diligent, patient efforts are made to both investigate now and use the evidence to aid in ensuring that he and others would 'certify' any election in the USA, anything less renders us hardly the voice of Democracy for the rest of the world.

What I am urging everyone to discuss, formulate and support, in the Diary referenced above, is in my opinion not only justified by what we have witnessed but is essential to vitality and validity of our Democracy.


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