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Thursday, November 18, 2004

Guardian Unlimited | Mystery remains over who killed Margaret Hassan

Mystery remains over who killed Margaret Hassan:

"Iraqi authorities yesterday admitted they still had no clear idea about who killed the aid worker Margaret Hassan. Investigators are being hindered by the uniqueness of the case, and the complexity of the insurgency.

In previous kidnappings, Iraq's several insurgent groups have been quick to identify themselves and claim responsibility, using videos to make their demands. From the moment Mrs Hassan was seized her case was different.

Mrs Hassan, who had Iraqi nationality and spoke fluent Arabic, was taken from her car as she drove to work at the Care offices in Baghdad on October 19. Two videos emerged, showing her in an increasingly desperate state pleading for her life and asking for the withdrawal of British troops from Iraq.

At one point her kidnappers described themselves as an 'armed Islamic group'.

But unlike previous incidents they gave themselves no specific name and used no banners or flags to identify themselves."


(With all the conspiracy theories out there, it's surprising that no one has said the most horrible, i.e., most credible theory: Allawi, the puppet, or Chimp_junta's henchmen, took her to try and villify the Iraqi freedom me, insurgents...Too horrible to believe? That's why it's true.)*aj*


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