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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Confused about Who's Who in the Ukranian Elections? Chimp_junta's Not...

The creation of the Ukraine “democratic” opposition

By Justus Leicht
2 December 2004

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If one were to believe the Western media, one would conclude that the Ukrainian opposition movement developed independently as the result of a spontaneous popular movement for liberty and democracy against a corrupt regime. In fact, what has characterized the media coverage of recent events in Ukraine is the absence of any critical journalism. Virtually none of the media oulets has bothered to investigate who is behind the so-called democracy movement and the nature of its political program.

For their part, the driving forces of the opposition movement make little secret of their backers. The relevant information is for the most part available on their own Internet sites.

Once one begins to examine the various organizations involved, it rapidly becomes clear that the movement did not develop spontaneously. A right-wing, neo-liberal network, developed largely by US organizations, exploited widespread diassatisfaction with the authoritarian regime of President Leonid Kuchma to implement a plan prepared well in advance. Its purpose was to bring Ukraine more firmly under the control of the US and open up the country more fully to international capital.



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