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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

The Tidings of ElChimperissimo: Remembering Lies And Fake Terror of Years Gone By!

Published December 28, 2003, Right Here on Nasty Letters to Crooked Politicians. Memory Check!

Remember The "Five Muslim Terrorists Sneaking Across The Canadian Border" Last New Year's Eve? (2002)

It was a pack of lies from the FUCKING CHIMPER_CABAL. They raised the "TERROR ALERT LEVEL" to ORANGE...

Sound Familiar? Is it that time of year again?

But then, turns out, one of the dreaded MUSLIM TERRORISTS was a simple jeweler, working in Morocco. Chimper/Blair, War Criminals Inc., had grabbed up 5 passports of the dreaded MUSLIMS and played their pictures all over the world.

Why? Because they could. It was an orchestrated effort to smear Canadians, the friendly Canadian border, and the democracy that Canadians enjoy. Not to mention the dreaded MUSLIM TERRORISTS.

But then the shit hit the Chimp. One of his 'terraists' actually had a TV set and saw himself on TV as one of the FIVE MOST WANTED MEN IN THE WESTERN WORLD! All of the Right Wing Neo Con Media were going nuts with the story of the "terrorrable" Canadians!! The Moroccan started raising hell and threatened to sue elChimpo & Co. back to the stone age.

Suddenly, the PAGE ONE NEWS ALL OVER THE WASHINGTON POST NEW YORK TIMES, CNN, FAUX, NBC, ABC, CBS ET ALL vanished. Nothing. No more. The great Orange Alert of 2002/2003 was just a terrible goof up of phonyness. A scare gone bad. Fingers were pointed back and forth--FBI to CIA--same scenario as we have seen before and see now.

Where were the FUCKING REPUGLIKENS AND THEIR CONGRESSIONAL INVESTIGATIONS? This wasn't just a blow job, this was a treasonous conspiracy--one of many--from the current unelected occupant of 1600 Penna Ave. No Dan Dan the Monkey Man Burton? No Fat Fuck Henry Hyde? No Curley Larry and Moe on the evening news gasping for breath at the thoughts of what was happening to America? No fucking goppers asking WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN?

But with one difference: Fucking Bush_junta plans to take the country away from America. Remember what they did to stop the election in 2000?

That past is prologue. They plan to impose martial law after concocting a 'back-breaking' attack from within their own motherfucking cabal...where the PLAN FOR A NEW AMERICAN CENTURY was hatched in the years before "9-11."

Click on the following url for a snapshot cache from Google wherein a neo-con blows up all over the page only days before the entire scheme was exposed as a Tom (All duct tape and no brain) Ridge trick:

When are we going to frog march Chimp_cabal out of our White House in orange jumpsuits? When are they going to be tried for war crimes and crimes against the peace, the same crimes the NAZI hoards committed in Poland?

When will we have the satisfaction of watching their bloody, lifeless forms fall in front of a firing squad? The world has about had enough of Bush, Cheney, Powell, Rice, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Perle, Blair...and their teams of domestic terrorists.

We must declare war on the real terrorists...the Chimper/Blair War Criminals INC. We may not have much time. And I am very serious. Do you think these fuckers will allow elections in 2004?


"The Royal Canadian Mounted Police is currently hunting for the missing men's Toronto contact, as well as for the people who met them at the airport and gave them shelter.

The incident was considered so serious that President Bush became personally involved, ordering the FBI to launch a nation-wide search for the five, whose case heightened fears of terrorism around New Year's eve."

Friends, wake up. It's time to stop chimp_cabal before our 225 year old country dies and the fucking chimper_cabal Motherland becomes a reality. Then we will have to mount the battlements to take back the land. Now it is still political...

With our soldiers placed all over the world, unable to stop the cabal at home, the Generals stuck out there with them, rocket launchers in place in Washington DC, International flights being grounded because Tom (all duct tape and no brains) Ridge says so...

Wake up America. Our threat is not from the dreaded MUSLIM TERRORISTS. It is from George W. Bush.