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Friday, January 07, 2005

Scumbag Bush Nominates Dominatrx in Drag Gonzales as DemoCraps Pee Themselves

Gonzales hearings: Senate to confirm defender of torture as US attorney general

By Joseph Kay
7 January 2005

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The nomination of Alberto Gonzales for attorney general marks a significant escalation in the assault upon democratic rights in the United States. Perhaps more than any other figure, Gonzales is identified with the most criminal actions of the Bush administration. As White House counsel, he helped develop a pseudo-legal rationale for preemptive war, indefinite detention of detainees and, most infamously, torture.

Gonzales’s nomination signals that the Bush administration is determined to expand the power of the presidency and intensify the assault on constitutional rights and international law. That Gonzales will almost certainly be confirmed with the support of large sections of the Democratic Party exposes the lack of serious commitment to democratic rights within any section of the ruling establishment.

The Senate Judiciary Committee’s January 6 confirmation hearings for Gonzales concluded within one day, and a vote on the nomination is expected before the January 20 inauguration.

Even before the hearings began, leading Democrats indicated that, while Gonzales would face some questioning on his role in writing the so-called “torture memos,” he would easily be confirmed. New York Democratic Senator Charles Schumer, who serves on the committee, declared, “Generally, for an executive branch position the president gets the benefit of the doubt. The general feeling on the committee is that he has probably met that lowered threshold.”

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