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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

"Land of ‘Murka’ An Inside Look at George W. Bush’s “Murka”

Land of ‘Murka’
By Manuel Valenzuela

Decline and Decrepitude

03/07/05 "Information Clearing House" - - From the highest mountains to the lowest valleys a great energy has gone missing from the land once known as America, its pulsating and vibrant warmth no longer felt as the enveloping mist of the last four years spreads far and wide, from sea to shining sea, penetrating every porous cavity of escape. An energy of positive realms and humanist inclinations has been imprisoned, wasting away in the dungeons of human malice, replaced with the negative manifestation of an alternate universe devoid of light, spawned by miscreants hijacking the idea and principles of what the land once known as America was.

From clear-cut forests to urban jungles, from golden prairies to steel-glass canyons, from arid deserts to honeycomb-looking, cookie-cutter suburbs, the winds of parallel worlds blow, causing drought throughout, poisoning lands once bountiful, bringing communal sickness to millions of citizens. In their surreal manifestations and hypocritical inclinations swaying and tilting the lone superpower into dimensions of lunacy, hatred and decrepitude, the winds of alternate universes have collided with those of normalcy, love and prosperity, transforming, for the worst, a nation and those residing inside it, creating a schism where non existed, helping send humanity on a collision course with itself, its most dangerous and formidable enemy.

Come inside the belly of the beast, journeying outside the box of conditioned realities, venturing into new realms of thought, acquiring open minds and nascent understandings, willing to question what is thought to be known and what has been learned, no longer blind to new ways of seeing the world and no longer deaf to the wailing truth of a nation in utter pain and mental anguish.

Inside the belly of the beast the world presently finds itself trapped in, exploring through polluted bowels birthing malignant cancers spread by corporate indifference, continuing into diseased and enlarged entrails of gluttonous addictions, traversing black-blood veins soaked in oil, peering into the empty brain cavity of empire exhibiting corrosive mental disorders created by society itself, showcasing non-existent attention spans, Alzheimer's-like amnesia, medicated chemical imbalances laced with conditioned fear and insecurity, and the remnants of anti-depressant, hyperactivity sequestering cocktails eating away the minds, imaginations and futures of youth.

Inside the belly of the beast will we venture into, witnessing the overflowing testosterone of the human animal, the hate-filled, violence-seeking, fear controlled and deranged xenophobia of half the population, the ignorance fed by gutted educations and dumbed-down televised fictions, the castrated courage of the sane half of its citizenship, the silent acquiescence by the citizenry to mass murder and war crimes, the government and corporate controlled minds of people turned sheeple and the wisdom-lacking behaviors of so-called leadership.

Let us observe a youthful empire in freefall, a nation in decadent decline, collapsing under its own weight and its own self-induced ignorance and unenlightenment, drunk off its arrogance and self-proclaimed aggrandizements of magnificence and manifest destiny. Let us be witness to a land in disrepair, a population in mental anguish. Let us examine a country decrepit in true moral values, empathy and wisdom, a nation quick to rise and fast to fall, lacking the experience of history and the wisdom of time.

The Land of ‘Murka’ awaits, George W. Bush’s America, opening its realities and its gates, showing us its pariah lands, polluted environs, corrupted capitals, unenlightened communities and deluded citizenship. Let us look inside the window of reality, beyond the veil of delusion and deception, for history, it seems, is once more upon us, begging to be studied and learned, fearful of again being ignored, for we are witness to the rapid decline of one of the shortest empires to ever befall mankind, a second rate attempt at imperial hegemony that fails to stand side by side with the great Empires of history.

The end of Empire is near, a matter of mere decades. The symptoms of decline are all-encompassing, a manifestation of growing too fast and learning too slow, of basking in the glow of superfluous narcissism and embracing the delusion of grandeur, of succumbing to the demons of greed, power and wealth, of allowing the population to rot in the stupor of unenlightenment, of misallocating treasure and plundering budgets, of seeking hegemony and finding acrimony, of arrogantly calling for preemption and finding only overextension, of allowing the addictions and demons of capitalism to corrupt society, leadership and collective thought.

The foundations of an empire absorbed in megalomania are crumbling, slowly but surely rotting to the core, a victim of its own hubris, indifference and complacency, in time to fall with the tremors of an earthquake of its own creation. This the Land of Murka cannot stop, for its inertia has been set in motion, its momentum into self-implosion has been accelerated by its own hand of decadence. Though full of talent, ability and millions of good, decent people, the lessons of history has it yet again failed to learn nonetheless, and so is reaping what it has sown, yielding a rotten harvest made barren by the fruits of its actions and the drought wrought by consequences it fails to understand.

The faster they rise the quicker they fall, products of their own self-implosion, like an immature, overgrown and undisciplined child, tied to the comatose grip of mind-altering and numbing prescription pills, orphaned and lacking parental oversight, never allowed to grown up and mature, failing to understand human society or civilization, failing to learn the behaviors and interactions of man, the lessons of history and the humbleness of greatness. Never suffering like all peoples before, never experiencing the growing pains of empire, never understanding the wisdom that comes with history, never learning the pitfalls of imperial aspirations, the empire only 200 years old cannot see its inevitable decline, preferring the comfort of denial and a life living in delusion to the unpleasantness of truth and the sobering truth of reality.

In the end, whether the Pax Amerikana fall fast or falls slowly, history tells us in a most certain way that it will most certainly fall. "

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