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Monday, June 20, 2005

Scientists forge ahead with stem cell research | Special Reports |
"Polly Curtis, education correspondent
Monday June 20, 2005

Universities and companies around the world have patented 3,000 discoveries from research using controversial stem cell techniques over the past five years, according to a report published today.

The report, produced by a London-based firm of lawyers specialising in patenting, found that the US topped the list of countries filing patents, followed by Japan, Australia and the UK, which is responsible for 31% of all European patents filed. The US has filed four times as many patents as Japan, Australia and the UK put together.

The University of California is the leading academic body, with 40 patents filed since 2000, and second only to one biotechnology company, Bayer Ag.

The research concludes that companies and universities are storming ahead with stem cell research, despite considerable public and political opposition on ethical grounds.

Stem cell research includes the manufacture of human "mother" cells, which can be grown into nerves, muscles, bone and organs for therapeutic treatments. In some cases research has included techniques that aim to help with reproductive problems. The therapeutic cloning of stem cells is legal in some countries, but cloning entire human beings is illegal everywhere.

The co-author of the report by Marks and Clerk, Claire Irvine, said: "The message seems to be simple; biotech companies are undeterred by the hostile research environment that currently governs the stem cell sector."


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