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As we enter a new era of politics, we hope to see that Obama has the courage to fight the policies that Progressives hate. Will he have the fortitude to turn the economic future of America to help the working man? Or will he turn out to be just a pawn of big money, as he seems to be right now.

Monday, December 12, 2005

KGMB9--Tookie will die

Schwarnegger doe his thing: "Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on Monday refused to spare the life of convicted murderer Stanley Tookie Williams, the founder of the notorious Crips gang who awaited execution after midnight in a case that stirred debate over capital punishment and the possibility of redemption on death row.

Lawyers for Williams are now making a last-ditch appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court to block the early morning execution.

Schwarzenegger was unswayed by pleas from Hollywood stars and petitions from more than 50,000 people who said that Williams had made amends during more than two decades in prison by writing a memoir and children's books about the dangers of gangs.

'After studying the evidence, searching the history, listening to the arguments and wrestling with the profound consequences, I could find no justification for granting clemency,' Schwarzenegger said, less than 12 hours before the execution. 'The facts do not justify overturning the jury's verdict or the decisions of the courts in this case.'

Schwarzenegger could have commuted the death sentence to life in prison without parole."


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