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As we enter a new era of politics, we hope to see that Obama has the courage to fight the policies that Progressives hate. Will he have the fortitude to turn the economic future of America to help the working man? Or will he turn out to be just a pawn of big money, as he seems to be right now.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

To the illegal aliens---just leave

The only thing the marching and acting up by millions of illegals has demonstrated is that too many of you have broken the law and came in ahead of the legal aliens waiting in line patiently for years to come here. You have screwed your own countrymen. And now you want to screw Americans?

How dare you lousy bastards complain that you have been mistreated, underpaid, ignored, taxed, and disregarded? Yes, you have been all those things. Now get the fuck out of the USA. Can't you take a hint?

All you illegal aliens, go back and get in line like nice people behind those who are peacefully waiting in line for their chance at the so-called American dream. You illegal aliens only deserve to end up in the back of the paddy wagon being returned to wherever the hell you came from illegally. We owe you nothing and should make you pay for the gas to deport your asses.

Am I hurting your feelings? Good. Now...go away. Go all the way away. We have had a 'day without illegals' and now it's time to push the good feelings along...let's have a WEEK without illegals. Then a MONTH without you...but this time don't just tie up traffic and show us how badly the law has been fucked by you people...create a bottleneck at the Mexican border as you infiltrate BACK. Good bye. Leave. Please. Don't look back...just go.


  • At 11:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    In 2004 there was a crackdown on illegal workers in the agriculture. The result a mass deportation that left fields of lettuce un-harvested. It was more profitable to leave the crop to rot in the field than pay wages high enough to entice "legals" to work in the field. The result: lettuce shot from $.99 a head to $2.50 a head in my local grocery store.

    Capitalism is based on the "slave" economy under which it was founded. In order to appease stock holders it is imperative that costs are kept low and profits remain high. The single highest expense for any business is labor. When you add the insane cost of healthcare, the cost of doing business in service and low skilled areas is unmanageable - if the only measure of success is stock prices (and astronomical compensation for executives).

    Without the current "slave" workers that illegal immigration provides, the capitalist economy tanks. OR the remaining jobs get shipped off to "slave" nations where American companies can exploit labor markets.

    Since the end of legal slavery, illegal immigration has provided the exploitable labor needed to feed wall street and the super rich. For generations,we have reaped trillions in economic benefit from their PEACEFUL toil.

    Now, because everything else that the administration has touch has been fucked thoroughly up, this is a wonderful splinter issue to get the ignorant all riled up just in time for electrion season.

    C'mon, you have to be kidding me. California posted ads for agricultural jobs in welfare office across the state and got NO responses from legals. In order for employers to import workers under a guest worker program, they must advertise here first, the response for low paying agricultural or construction workers - zero.

    So honestly, if someone can work here (regardless of how they got here) and feed our exploitation and profit driven economy -- and make enough for subsistence living here and helping their family back home - why really do we care. The ONLY measureable impact on our daily life is that we can actually afford to feed our families AFTER getting raped at the gas pump.

    Whatever millions are being spent to make life some level of bearable for illegal and migrant workers pales significantly in light of the billions they pump into our economy.

    I really didn't get what the issue was until watching Bill Ass'Reilly a couple weeks back. The issue is racist pure and simple. When illegals have kids here, they become legal and looking forward, that means a future American majority that may not be as white as it is now, which I guess is a scary thought when your profit is based on exploiting the poor and overly non-white.

    Find me another demographic that has over 98% employment (young male illegal workers) in America - that is willing to work for less than minimum wage with no benefits - and I will show you the people who can replace the 12 million workers that you so eloquently asked to leave.


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