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Friday, November 02, 2007

Newspaper Editorial Boards Oppose Telecom Immunity

When a key Senate committee voted to include retroactive
immunity for telecom lawbreakers in new legislation, they
may not have been prepared for the rising tide of criticism
coming their way. Newspaper editorial boards and legal
scholars from around the country are speaking out in
increasingly urgent terms about the threat to the rule of
law posed by the immunity provisions. If the bill becomes
law, it will let phone companies off the hook for their
participation in the NSA's massive and illegal wiretapping

Read what the national wires are saying:

For the New York Times editorial, "With Democrats Like
These...": (Registration unfortunately required.)

For the USA Today editorial, "Our view on Your Phone
Records: Immunity Demand for Telecoms Raises Questions":

For the New Jersey Star Ledger editorial, "No Immunity for

For the Philadelphia Daily News editorial, "Dems, Hold Fast
on Wiretap Law: Telecoms Need a Spine, Not Immunity From

Find out what other national newspapers siding with EFF on
this issue are saying in our complete post:

For more on EFF's class-action lawsuit against AT&T:

: . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . : . :

* Computer & Communications Industry Association Opposes
Amnesty for Telecoms

Last week, the influential Computer & Communications
Industry Association (CCIA) sent a letter to Speaker of the
House Pelosi opposing immunity for telecommunications
companies involved in the illegal warrantless surveillance
program. CCIA encouraged Congress "to reject broad immunity
provisions in favor of a better balance between legitimate
national security interests and basic Fourth Amendment
privacy for U.S. citizens."

We applaud CCIA for taking a stand for justice and for the
privacy and security of the American people.

Read CCIA's letter to Pelosi:


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