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Saturday, June 28, 2003

New York Times Stoops to Please--The Bush_Junta, of course...Get a Load of This!

Letter to Editor New York Times: (somewhat rewritten for the "Nasty Letters To Crooked Politicians" blog)

Embedded "journalists" are as useful as third handles on urinals. As in Patrick Taylor's final, censored comment on his relatively bland discussion of the demolition of a village of sheep farmers in Northern Iraq. Reporters were not allowed to go within a mile of the slaughter, or take pictures. But Patrick Taylor (Veil of Secrecy Around Village Hit in U.S. Raid 6-25-03) thinks he has it all figured out!! The real reason the bush_junta let him send to his handlers in the International News Department, NYT:

"The arrival of earth-moving equipment here suggested that American military forces may be preparing to set up a base here to guard this section of border."

Do you believe the mendacity that this 'in-bed-with' distorter has resorted to here? Imaginary, suggested, maybe, iffy, could-it-be, fairy tales, from NYT propaganda experts standing in the heat of the Iraqi desert too long...just fucking crazy.

All the news that's shit in print. New York Times. God, it stinks. Here, Patrick Taylor, to his undying shame and ignorance, seems willing to steno anything his in-beds tell them to put down. Can it get any worse? Patrick, you sound like a good, Irish-Catholic Lad! Get the hell offa your knees son and let's put the Little Army Guy back in that big soldier's pants.

"Stop right there," said Specialist Arthur Myers of New Jersey. "If you take a picture, I will break your camera."

How about the truth? Let's SUGGEST--The arrival of earth-moving equipment here suggested that American military forces may be shoving tons of dirt over their bloody slaughter so no one can use it against them in a war crimes trial?

Does anyone remember the Viet Nam village of Mei Lei? This has that Mei Lei village massacre stink all about it. How about we get some real reporters in there to tell the true, uncensored, UN-embedded story? The whole truth, nothing but the truth, so help you God? Now you know why I must write. Write day and night...Nasty Letters To Corrupt Politicians. We have never had such low, gutteral, well-thought out bullshit coming at us day and night from an administration like bush_junta, before in the HISTORY OF THE PLANET!

Or are censorship and lies good enough for most moron-merikens?


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