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Wednesday, August 06, 2003


Just when you think the chimper_junta has gone on vacation, and the lying has stopped for a few minutes, this kind of shit comes out about them. These bastards are playing fast and loose with death, dismemberment, and the families of our service men and women. Will they get away with it? Is every death important, or only the ones bush_junta war criminals want you to know about? HOW DARE THEY??

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There have been a number of reports suggesting that certain Western media sources are misleading the public as to the extent of the coalition casualties in Iraq. The creative accounting methods employed by major US news networks range from underreporting non-combat deaths among the US troops to simply neglecting even the officially-acknowledged casualties.

This failure to report non-combat deaths coupled with the US military’s practice of passing certain combat casualties as non-combat lead to a seriously distorted picture of the war in Iraq being presented to the US public. On July 10, for example, Pentagon detailed US fatalities sustained in Iraq between May 1 and July 9: 29 soldiers killed by hostile fire and 44 troops killed by non-hostile fire or in accidents. (“Pentagon: 1,000 troops wounded in Iraq war”, CNN, July 10, 2003)

Polls show that the majority of Americans believe that the coalition fatalities in Iraq are no higher than fifty. In reality, however, even the official US and British military reports show that the number of fatalities is nearly six times higher: as of July 30 the US and British officials announced 295 fatalities among its troops operating in Iraq..."

The Mother_Fuckers of the Bush_Junta are Playing You and Every American FOR A SUCKER.


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