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Saturday, July 10, 2004

AssKrak: Spare us the magic act. The Arizona Republic, Former (R), Now Tells AssKrak To Fuck Off

Ashcroft's magic act

Retroactively classifying public documents is bureaucracy gone nuts

Even the phrase suggests a sort of cognitive dissonance: retroactive classification. Come again?

How does one render government documents that have been in the public realm, in some cases for years - some posted on Web sites, for all the world to see - retroactively classified? How does one put an information genie back into its dark, federal bottle?

The Bush administration, led by Attorney General John Ashcroft, is attempting to show us how it is done. Spare us the magic act.

As a long-time, staunch defender of the administration's efforts to improve the nation's defenses against terrorism, as well as an ardent defender of the First Amendment, we at The Republic find ourselves uniquely positioned to say, emphatically and without qualification, that Mr. Ashcroft, this time you truly have gone too far.

Invoking a seldom-used "state secrets" privilege, the nation's chief legal officer has ordered that information provided by a former FBI translator about events leading up to Sept. 11, 2001, should be made classified.

That includes material the translator, Sibel Edmonds, provided to members of Congress two years ago, as well as information that has been posted on Web sites for at least that long.

Shortly after the 9/11 attacks, Edmonds - who is fluent in Turkish and Farsi - learned that a number of intercepted documents that had been poorly translated into English would have given solid clues to the imminent attacks had they been properly translated. The information even included references to skyscrapers.

After uncovering still more of what she contends were security lapses within the FBI, Edmonds was fired some months later. She has since sued the government in federal court over what she discovered, but her suit was thrown out earlier this week by a judge who said Edmonds' testimony could expose the now-reclassified government "secrets."

Ashcroft's heavy-handedness strongly smells of a bureaucrat attempting to cover up deficiencies in his own agency.

That suspicion is bolstered by the fact that ongoing investigations into Edmonds' charges appear to be drying up fast, likely because of the retroactive classification of the researcher's claims about the department. The FBI's own investigation into Edmonds' charges has yet to see the light of day, and an investigation by the Senate Judiciary Committee is now spinning its wheels since lawmakers now are loathe to discuss now-classified information.

It is nearly always disturbing when government officials act to suppress information about their own actions. Sometimes, especially in times of war, some such actions are justified. But sometimes, too, secrecy-happy officials stretch the public's tolerance too far.

This is a case of secrecy taken too far. Retroactive classification? Rubbish.


((If anyone believes that AssKrak is doing anything for America, tell us what you're smoking. This is a mother fucking nutcase gone into the belly of the beast. It is time for America to tell AssKrak to put up or shut up. Chimp_junta has gone insane. Power grab to the max. Raping our constitution without any threat of Congressional repercussion since fucking GoPpeR ThuGs have it under their thumb. It is time for this shit to end.

Fortunately there is an election coming in less than 4 months. Would America take this kind of crap any longer than that? The Gopper bastards who thought the last duly elected President of the United States, William Jefferson Clinton, should be chased all over the political landscape over SEX lets this unelected fraud and his cohorts shut down an investigation into HIM????

This is the most dangerous situation the people of America have ever faced. More dangerous than the British. At least then, Americans understood that their lives, fortunes, and precious freedom were under the thumb of the monarchy in Great Britain.

Today, half of our people don't understand what is going on, and the other half are scared shitless. It is a time when America is trying to get it right, but has the most subterfuged, mendacious threat imaginable. Fortunately, even former supporters of this arrogant, insidious bastard Chimp_cabal now see the threat. They now know that dictatorship is here. It grins. It smirks. It makes light of war, maiming and Abu Ghraib, but no longer can it fool the masses.

Anyone who cares to read the newspaper now knows we are under attack. And the terrorists live in our White House.

A. J. Franklin))


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