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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Guardian Unlimited Claims US Troops 'in center of Falluja'

Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | US troops 'in centre of Falluja':
� Troops 'control third of city'
� Heavy street fighting
� Clerics urge election boycott

Staff and agencies
Tuesday November 9, 2004

US and Iraqi troops claimed to be in control of one third of the rebel stronghold of Falluja today, as a major offensive against insurgents entered its second day.

US army and marine units consolidated positions and began house-to-house searches as they worked their way towards the city centre, opposed by militants armed with rifles and mortars.

There were conflicting reports about the strength of resistance troops faced in a push through the city's northern quarters. The Jolan district, a suspected rebel stronghold, provided less opposition than military planners expected but heavy battles raged elsewhere.

The fighting appeared to be easing towards the end of the day. Quil Lawrence, a BBC correspondent embedded with troops in Falluja, said: ' You can see fierce fighting, though it has quietened down a little with the coming of darkness. The dark gives an advantage to the Americans because of their night vision equipment.

'I imagine there must be many casualties considering the amount of gunfire I've seen. The Americans launch about 500 rounds to the insurgents' one, pelleting the insurgent area.'"


War Crimes Committed By US Troops Under Brigadier General Mark Kimmet:

Residents said a US air strike had destroyed a clinic that had been receiving casualties after US and Iraqi forces seized Falluja's main hospital yesterday.

Sami al-Jumaili, a doctor at the hospital who escaped arrest when it was taken by US troops, said the city was running out of medical supplies and only a few clinics remained open.

"There is not a single surgeon in Falluja. We had one ambulance hit by US fire and a doctor wounded," he told Reuters. "There are scores of injured civilians in their homes whom we can't move. A 13-year-old child just died in my hands."

Aid workers also expressed grave concern over the plight of tens of thousands of people fleeing the fighting. "The majority of civilians appear to have left the city, although it is difficult to establish numbers with any certainty," said Jennifer Clark, spokeswoman for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.


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