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As we enter a new era of politics, we hope to see that Obama has the courage to fight the policies that Progressives hate. Will he have the fortitude to turn the economic future of America to help the working man? Or will he turn out to be just a pawn of big money, as he seems to be right now.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Slimy, Crooked (Chemical) Tom DeLay Hides Behind Skirts of Crooked GopPigs Instead of Clearing HIs Cockroachy Name

GOP Pushes Rule Change to Protect DeLay's Post: Or rather, DeLay's crooked ass.
"House Republicans proposed changing their rules last night to allow members indicted by state grand juries to remain in a leadership post, a move that would benefit Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Tex.) in case he is charged by a Texas grand jury that has indicted three of his political associates, according to GOP leaders."

The proposed rule change, which several leaders predicted would win approval at a closed meeting today, comes as House Republicans return to Washington feeling indebted to DeLay for the slightly enhanced majority they won in this month's elections. DeLay led an aggressive redistricting effort in Texas last year that resulted in five Democratic House members retiring or losing reelection. It also triggered a grand jury inquiry into fundraising efforts related to the state legislature's redistricting actions.

House GOP leaders and aides said many rank-and-file Republicans are eager to change the rule to help DeLay, and will do so if given a chance at today's closed meeting. A handful of them have proposed language for changing the rule, and they will be free to offer amendments, officials said. Some aides said it was conceivable that DeLay and Speaker J. Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) ultimately could decide the move would be politically damaging and ask their caucus not to do it. But Rep. Jack Kingston (news, bio, voting record) (Ga.), another member of the GOP leadership, said he did not think Hastert and DeLay would intervene.

House Republicans adopted the indictment rule in 1993, when they were trying to end four decades of Democratic control of the House, in part by highlighting Democrats' ethical lapses. They said at the time that they held themselves to higher standards than prominent Democrats such as then-Ways and Means Chairman Dan Rostenkowski (Ill.), who eventually pleaded guilty to mail fraud and was sentenced to prison.

The GOP rule drew little notice until this fall, when DeLay's associates were indicted and Republican lawmakers began to worry that their majority leader might be forced to step aside if the grand jury targeted him next. Democrats and watchdog groups blasted the Republicans' proposal last night.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said last night: "If they make this rules change, Republicans will confirm yet again that they simply do not care if their leaders are ethical. If Republicans believe that an indicted member should be allowed to hold a top leadership position in the House of Representatives, their arrogance is astonishing."

(Look at it this way: The money in the gummint treasury will hold out 5 or ten more years with the leeching GopPigs in there. By that time our kids that are in high school and college will be ready to foot the burden of obscene tax increases. And more than likely the president next time will not be a GopPig, because everyone will have figured out the lies and treachery by that time. Therefore, which ever other party comes into power, and it may be the Greens or Independent or Libertarians since Kerry was such a lily livered coward and didn't fight for his country THIS time...anyway whoever it is will also be stuck with obscene tax increases that these same filthy gopPig Mother Fuckers handed out to buy votes. Remember, chimpers has ruined and bankrupted anything he has come in contact with.

But now he will spend his "Political Capitol." That's just "my style." Yea, right you fucking bastard. That's your style.)


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