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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Another Agency Professional Bites The Porter Goss Dust: Director of Analysis Branch at the C.I.A. Is Being Removed

Director of Analysis Branch at the C.I.A. Is Being Removed:
"(W)ASHINGTON, Dec. 28 - The head of the Central Intelligence Agency's analytical branch is being forced to step down, former intelligence officials say, opening a major new chapter in a shakeup under Porter J. Goss, the agency's chief.

The official, Jami Miscik, the agency's deputy director for intelligence, told her subordinates on Tuesday afternoon of her plan to step down on Feb. 4. A former intelligence official said that Ms. Miscik was told before Christmas that Mr. Goss wanted to make a change and that 'the decision to depart was not hers.'

Ms. Miscik has headed analysis at the agency since 2002, a period in which prewar assessments of Iraq and its illicit weapons, which drew heavily on C.I.A. analysis, proved to be mistaken."

(Another long time professional refuses to drink Chimp_junta's cool aid, and out the window they go. What a bunch of fucking liars has taken over the country that is no longer America.)



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