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Saturday, January 01, 2005

A Letter So Fine I Wish I Had Written It Myself!

Republicans Acknowledge Election Fraud--
Corporate Media Will Choke on Mea Culpa

Chuck Herrin is a Republican. He is also a computer scientist and a "white hat hacker". He works for Fortune 500 companies, hacking into their Internet systems and designing security programs for them.

Go to, where Mr. Herrin describes his early experiences hacking Diebold voting machines and provides a tip sheet to show you how anyone can do it, it's that easy. A college student figured out how to do it in thirty minutes on a different type of machine. There have been numerous demonstrations of the ease with which these machines can be manipulated.

Mr. Herrin spoke at a bipartisan rally where honest Republicans, Democrats and everyone else who is concerned about massive election fraud in America (once the greatest Democracy in the world) came to listen and learn how it was done. By this time Mr. Herrin had become so proficient with Diebold voting machines, he was able to delete one million votes in ninety seconds while leaving no trace of his activity behind for anyone to find. He also explained a "paper trail" does not help because the machine can "vote" for one candidate and print out the name of another.

Mr. Herrin went on to explain many ways these "blackbox" voting machines can be invisibly manipulated and stated his profound belief the only way to have an honest election is by using paper ballots. Even though there can be problems with paper ballots, as Mr. Herrin pointed out, you cannot put a million paper ballots in your pocket and slip away unnoticed. He also provided irrefutable evidence of Election Fraud, in the United States on November 2, 2000, 2002 and 2004. Haven't we noticed how odd these "elections" have been, how different from any others in the history of the country?

Here is just one small bit of proof we can all understand. The Election Fraud throughout the nation has been variously described, when mentioned at all, as "glitches", "descrepencies" and "anomolies". If that was even remotely true, the "anomolies" would have been distributed widely to all the candidates.

However, in the last two Presidential elections, only ONE candidate benefitted. ALL of the "glitches", "descrepencies" and "anomolies" added to only ONE candidate's totals while deducting from another. In other words, virtually 100% of the "anomolies" went only one way, which is, how can I say this?, IMPOSSIBLE. This, my fellow citizens, is ELECTION FRAUD, acknowledged by everyone even remotely familiar with the facts; Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Green Party...whatever. Understanding these "anomolies" is barely a chip off the tip of the election fraud iceberg.

Honest Americans of every party and political persuasion have formed a broad system of organizations to address this catastrophic realization. These are just a few of the nonpartisan/bipartisan websites you can visit for information:

This is not a partisan issue or about who won an election. This is about our imperiled Democracy on the brink of utter disaster. There has been a full frontal assault on American Democracy. If that is not enough to alarm you, it gets worse.

During the 2004 election, the run up to it and during the continuing aftermath, we have seen blatant, systematic voter suppression, intimidation and fraud, propaganda presented as "news" and "commentary", registration fraud, we had voting machines whirling backwards eliminating thousands of votes, others doing the opposite with no method of tracking, we had "default" settings for one candidate and buttons pushed to vote for one candidate that recorded for another, machines that simply stopped counting, polling records thrown in the trash and replaced by copied sheets that bore little resemblance to the originals that had been retrieved from the garbage can, highly partisan officials in charge of counting the votes and running the elections, a software developer who testified under oath before members of Congress with regard to his meeting with a state representative from Florida who asked him to develop a program that could manipulate vote tabulations (which he did), statistically impossible results, blatant obstruction of anyone attempting to ascertain what happened, flagrant tampering with voting machines, people who had been registered to vote and had voted at the same place for years suddenly found their names had "disappeared" from official records, one elderly man in Ohio came from his hospital bed and stood in line with an I.V. in his arm because he had been refused an absentee ballot, a significant lack of voting machines in specific precincts caused hours of standing in line when there were actually machines available hidden in a warehouse, there were "lock downs" so no one could observe vote counting, people waiting to vote had the police tell them their cars were going to be towed if they continued to wait in line, hundreds of law suits...the staggering list of "anomolies" goes on and on.

Is this America? Land of the free? A Democratic Republic of The People, For The People and By The People? Aren't you ashamed? I know I am, I am deeply ashamed. How did we allow this to happen? Easy. We forgot safeguarding Democracy requires vigilance. We allowed ourselves to fall asleep at the wheel, now, about to careen over the cliff, we are FINALLY waking up.

Which brings us to another deeply chilling revelation. Did you know George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Karl Rove have been served papers so they can be deposed in Ohio, as has the Ohio Secretary of State? Did you know there have been Election Fraud demonstrations and rallys in every state in the country? Did you know there are four companies that "count" America's votes and they are all hardwired to a single political party? That executive officers in two of those companies are felons who have spent time in prison for corruption and bribery? Did you even know the Ohio Presidential vote is being recounted? That recounts and even revotes have also been asked for in New Mexico, Florida, Washington, North Carolina and practically every other state? Did you know it is virtually inevitable the fraudulent Ohio Electoral votes will be contested and that the evidence of fraud is so overwhelming and irrefutable, Senator Kerry has now filed legal action in Ohio? Look back over the information in this and the previous paragraph and think about whether or not you see a headline in there anywhere.

It is time for the rest of America to WAKE UP. This is front page news. This is "hot story" material in spades. Magazine covers everywhere you look, right? Where are the headlines? Are you beginning to feel the chill? This is the most staggering example of suppression of information I have ever witnessed. I have heard about it, in totalitarian states, in Hitler's Germany, in Stalin's Russia, but in the U.S.A.? Yet it is completely and utterly impossible to deny.

What we refer to as "mainstream" media, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, CNN, TIME and NEWSWEEK are obviously and irrefutably suppressing information vital to the American public. With the lonely exception of a single program on MSNBC; "Countdown" hosted by Keith Olbermann (who does have an election fraud segment), all others are virtually silent.

This certainly gives the lie to the deeply misguided idea we have a "liberal" media. If that was true, we would be having headlines about election fraud for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This is "red meat" for liberals. But it gets even worse. It is not simply that we do not have a liberal media; we do not have genuinely conservative media either. This is not benign neglect; I am shocked and embarrassed by my own gullibility, to realize we have a propaganda media. How could we have missed that?

When there has been mention in the mainstream media of the election
"descrepencies" and "anomolies" they are uniformly and stunningly incomplete, inaccurate, brief and dismissive. Although we have a supposedly "free" media, we have no method by which we can compel them to inform us except through an all inclusive boycott.

Clearly all those who participated in or benefitted from this fraudulent election believe they can stonewall, obfiscate, lie and suppress information indefinitely. They are attempting to manipulate us into believing nothing is happening, "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain, move along, nothing to see here..."

Unfortunately for them, they are wrong. There are millions of Americans who know perfectly well what has happened. Hundreds of thousands of complaints have been phoned in, emailed and written to Congress by people of ALL parties from all over the country. There were almost half a million incidents called in to voter support and assistance organizations on November 2ond alone. Absolutely no one with even a passing knowledge of the facts or a hint of patriotism is ever going to let this go. In fact, the mainstream media silence only strengthens our determination.

The resolution of these astonishing and daunting problems is not up to any politician or government agency, it is our responsibility. WE THE PEOPLE must take our Democracy back. We do that by signing the petition at, we write, call and email all of our elected representatives, and everyone else's representatives while we are at it, to demand they contest this election and fully, openly investigate this FRAUD, put signs in the rear windows of our cars declaring "VERIFY THE VOTE", "ELECTION FRAUD", "TAKE BACK AMERICA" or "DEFEND OUR DEMOCRACY" and add a couple of websites so others can find information, SHOW UP in Washington,D.C. on January sixth and show the Congess we mean what we say.

We must talk to our families, friends and neighbors. Never give up. We do not actually need the media. We have the Internet and each other. Now that I realize how worthless it is, I no longer watch or read what the "mainstream" is offering. They will never be able to excuse or apologize their way out of this.

We are not "parties" or "affiliations" so much as we are Americans. If America's valiant young men and women are sacrificing their minds, body parts and their very lives to protect the Republic, the LEAST we can do is STAND UP and SUPPORT THEM by DEFENDING the Republic against the enemy from within. STAND AND FIGHT, ALL OF US TOGETHER, AMERICANS! It is our country and we are taking it back!

(This letter was found on and was written in a bulletin board there. I think it deserves a nomination for NLTCP LETTER OF THE YEAR! Any comments would be welcomed.)


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