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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Can You Help Dahr Jamail Continue His Efforts for his Iraqi Innocents?

*Dear readers,*

*I have been invited and will be attending the upcoming **Rome** session
of the World Tribunal on **Iraq**: Media Wrongs Against Truth and
Humanity-Exposing the Politics of Disinformation. I will be making an in
depth presentation there.*

*Here is a short announcement on it from the events section on my site,
which includes a link so you can learn more about the tribunal:*

*Date:* February 10th-13th, 2005
*Location:* Rome, Italy
*Details*: Dahr Jamail will be presenting at the next session of the
World Tribunal on Iraq: Media Wrongs Against Truth and Humanity -
Exposing the Politics of Disinformation. For more information visit

*In order for the tribunal to be able to afford to bring more Iraqi
witnesses, I volunteered to cover my own expenses there. *

*Thus, I am appealing for donations to support this important endeavor.*

*In addition, I am hoping to collect enough donations to cover the
expenses, including the flight, for one of the Iraqi witnesses who has
been invited to present at this very important tribunal.*

*Your support would be very much appreciated, and would be used to help
bring more attention to the lack of adequate media coverage from
occupied **Iraq**. *

*You can click here if you wish to donate to this cause:*


*When you donate, so as to enable me to keep these funds separate from
those donated to support my reporting, please include a short note that
it is for tribunal expenses.*

*Thank you very much for your ongoing readership and support. I couldn’t
do this work without it.*

*Best regards,*

*Dahr Jamail*



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