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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Chimp_junta scares media (and the coward, John Kerry) into silence on Downing Street Minutes

Eric Brewer, the first correspondent to introduce the Downing Street Memo at a White House briefing, has been following the number of results returned by a Google search for the phrase, "Downing Street Memo." On May 1, the number was near zero. On June 18, the number had reached 1,320,000.

"Brewer, a scientist by trade, produced the chart above showing the growth in the popularity of the search term and highlighting some significant milestones along the way, including the original publication of the memo in the London Sunday Times on April 30 and the May 23 White House briefing at which he became the first and for some while the only correspondent to question White House press secretary Scott McClellan about the meeting minutes of which the memo consists.

A search of Google News, which indexes 30 days of results from nearly 5,000 news sources, returns a much smaller number of references: 1,820 for the 30 days ending June 19. Many of those results are duplicates or stories in which the memo is peripheral, or both; two AP stories, one from June 17 and another from June 18, alone account for nearly 100 of those 1,820 references, and the memo is not the primary focus of either story.

Only a handful of stories about the memo appeared in the US press prior to mid-May. Since then, much of the coverage has been about the coverage of the memo rather than about the memo itself.

A number of other secret British documents, some leaked last year and others in the weeks since the Downing Street Memo appeared, provide additional detail and context for the British concerns about the impending invasion — at times the documents are reminiscent of the film Animal House, with Saddam’s Iraq on double secret probation and the British officials discussing ways to trick Saddam into justifying an invasion — and the British assessment of US intentions and actions.

Missing is any clear explication of motive.



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