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As we enter a new era of politics, we hope to see that Obama has the courage to fight the policies that Progressives hate. Will he have the fortitude to turn the economic future of America to help the working man? Or will he turn out to be just a pawn of big money, as he seems to be right now.

Sunday, June 29, 2003


By now, most Americans have seen the heroism of our Texas Congressional House Democrats. They took a stand on an important issue and did not let a small band of republican thugs and domestic terrorists lead by STOMP ideologue Toxic Tom DeLay, redraw our congressional districts here in Texas to crush democratic debate.

Instead the Democrats, unwilling to be pushed around by a nasty little terrorist bastard like Delay, deprived the Texas congress of a 'quorum' of enough legislators to take a vote on the dirty and hypocritical shuffling of voting districts to toss Democrats out of their districts. These Democrats were elected just 7 months ago. They were all opposed by gopper-bastards, but won.

Here we have a little more of Florida 2000. Bush lost the election but won his fucking lawsuit...and there he squats, in our White House. In California, goppers ran against Gray Davis and lost. What do they do? Try to use the money gopper congressman Darryl Issa (charged with auto theft and insurance fraud) puts up (he actually began an auto alarm company, which is where he made his money!) for another bite at the apple.

But it appears that serious violations and abuses of national trust and privacy were committed by Toxic Tom and other domestic terrorists in the Bush_junta. Using the HOMELAND SECURITY AGENCY to track and intercept American citizens is a serious breach of the Homeland Security Act. IT IS FUCKING ILLEGAL!!! Has the issue been pressed? Have Democrats held press conferences on the White House Lawn? Is Ken Starr coming out of retirement to punish the terrorists and preserve the hallowed RULE OF LAW??? Have the perpetrators been charged with breaking Federal Law? Of course not! Power..."Power corrupts. Absoulte power corrupts absolutely."

ReThugLicans have become domestic terrorists, using both the taxpayer's buck and national police for political purposes. These dirty, little bastards have no regard whatsoever for the RULE OF LAW unless of course, it involves the ZIPPER of the last, duly-elected President of the United States, Bill Clinton.

Back then, on May 16-03, I wrote a letter to the editor of the Houston Chronicle arguing that civil libertarians of both parties should condemn this action, and bring an immediate investigation and criminal/legal proceedings against all involved in the breath-taking crushing of "We The People's" constsitution. Both the domestic terrorists who instituted the search, and those who acquiesced to this search should hang by their balls. Nothing else would be acceptable. Where is the Secretary of Homeland Security on this issue? Playing with his LITTLE ARMY GUY.

If you can find cowardly Governor Ridge, he should have his fingernails slowly extracted, like they are doing to the other terrorist candidates in Guantanimo Bay, until he tells what happened. No Lawyer. Just a bright light hanging over his spring cot where he lies hog tied listening to LOUD REPLAYS of DIXIE CHICKS 24/7!

But he is a liar. He would certainly lie to protect his political benefactors, gopper terrorist thugs.

Anyone think awol_junior should condemn the Texas search as not part of the concept of this "HOMELAND SECURITY AGENCY?"

No. He's too busy making sure no school district is left standing. Spending your taxpayer dollars like it was ARBUSTO OIL money from his daddy's fat-cat buds! Bankrupting the country!

Of course junior never wanted this HSA in the first place. He fought it for NINE LONG MONTHS! The only reason he decided to impliment the idea was FBI agent Coleen Rowley was on National TV for two days on every channel, describing the breakdown in national security measures in the chimper White House, during his month long vacation in Crawford, that led to 9-11.

After chimper scrambled to steal the headlines back from Coleen Rowley, he quickly tried to put the whole matter of HSA to rest. He still hasn't funded the agency nearly to the extent he said he would; he tried to break federal employee unions with it; appointed discredited war criminal Henry Kisinger to cover up his complacency in the events of 9-11, and now he is using it to harass his political opposition.

The final insult? Agent Rowley, who stinking bush thanked profusely for rubbing his nose in shit, has been hounded by her FBI supervisors after receiving a promise from BUSH that such a thing will never happen to a valued "Whistle-Blower like Ms. Rowley."

And in a knee-slapper from HELL, Toxic Tom is back in TEXAS this week (6-30-03) where his bud, Guv Goodhair Perry, will BLOW him on Monday, without a condom, during a special session of Texas Congress--TO TRY THE GERRYMANDER TRICK ALL OVER AGAIN!!!

You really gotta hate rethuglikens. I mean really hate every single one of those dirty little terrorist bastards.

Bush, a lie a minute--or to quote junior's mentor Adolph Hitler:

"What a good thing for government that the people do not think!"

Governor Howard Dean in 2004!


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