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Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Chimp_junta becomes Judge, Jury, and Executioner...But Instead will someone Kill Bremer?

Bremer Says Saddam Is Voice of Past, Must Be Killed

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. administrator in Iraq, Paul Bremer, on Monday described former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein as a "voice from the wilderness" and said the ousted president needed to be captured or killed. Asked about a new audio tape aired by an Arabic television station on Sunday that was purported to be by Saddam, Bremer said the toppled leader had no support in Iraq except among his "band of thugs."

"This is a voice from the wilderness here. This is a man who is followed by a small band of murderers and they have no vision for the future of Iraq. They have a vision of the past, a past of violence and corruption," Bremer said in an interview with NBC's "Today" show.

He added: "He is around and we need to capture or kill him but he has no future here."


This article highlights the cowardice, the hypocrisy, and the arrogance of Bremer, Bush, Cheney--the entire fraudulent chimp_cabal.

The littlest mother-fucker bush travels to England with a THOUSAND FUCKING BODY GUARDS THAT WE ARE PAYING FOR to keep his stinking ass in $10,000 suits and cowboy boots, and BREATHING!! But his little Nazi henchman, Herr Bremer, speaks out for the unelected fraud in the illegal war saying the plan for Saddam is to "capture or kill him but he has no future HERE."

Where the fuck is HERE, you totally maniacal idealogue? YOU are in HIS country! YOU are the FUCKING INVADER. THEY HATE YOU. They will KILL YOU. And you will not be missed, you little dick-sucking coward.

Let's see what kind of future Herr Bremer has in Iraq. Maybe they should post another thousand troops around his new office, the Saddam Palace, and put two more BlackHawk helicopters circling overhead to keep him alive. No One Needs You, Herr Bremer. You are just a cheap little pants-pissing neo-con bureaucrat thug sucking the life out of a foriegn country.

You are the univited Mongul hoards. You and chimp shame all of us with your cowardice and hypocrisy. You dirty little bastard.

You just got to hate goppers. Hate em all and hate em proudly.

The day to be happy is when the world captures the whole fucking chimp_junta, puts them against a wall, and shoots them all. Heil der firing-squad...SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS.

But that eventuality is why elChimpo needs to take his own fucking small army whereever he goes. What if the Queen is packing IRON?? She could kill him and be the HEROINE of the FREE WORLD!! Afterwards she could plead SANITY!! Who would find her guilty of wrong doing?

It would be such a better world. And the Queen would really make the history books in a special way ;-)


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