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Monday, June 30, 2003


Back in September, 2002, as the first anniversary of the junior bush's government's intelligence collapse was an underlying theme in the media-whore's bags of hot air, three American Patriots went to Baghdad to see for themselves, and their constituents, what kind of threat Saddam was posing to the poseurs in the bush_junta, and the rest of the world.

They came back, and along with American Hero Scott Ritter, said there WAS NO THREAT TO AMERICA FROM SADDAM HUSSEIN.

Now, this was enough to send the gopper fuckers completely beside themselves with rage, hate, lies, and character asassination. At the behest of the idiot_squatter in the White House, and henchmen Rove, Cheney, Toxic_Tom Delay, et al, the Gopper Domestic Terror machine was oiled , given their attack dogs, and put on the prowl. These four American heroes, three congressmen and ex-US Marine Scott Ritter, were to be ground into propaganda dust at every media outlet in the country. After all, THEY WERE TELLING THE TRUTH TO POWER. THEY WERE STATING THE FACTS. THEY WERE DOING THEIR JOBS. THEY WERE TRYING TO STOP A FUCKING WAR!!

September 30, 2002

THREATS AND RESPONSES: POLITICS; Congressman Says Bush Would Mislead U.S.

By JOHN H. CUSHMAN Jr. (NYT) 558 words
Late Edition - Final , Section A , Page 14 , Column 1
ABSTRACT - Reps David E Bonior, Mike Thompson and Jim McDermott, Democratic congressmen visiting Iraq, cause anger among some Republicans after questioning Pres Bush's rationale for possible military action against Iraq; McDermott accuses Bush of being willing to mislead American people over whether war is necessary with Iraq; says administration has vacillated between citing supposed links between Iraq and Al Qaeda terrorist network and Iraq's supposed attempts to obtain weapons of mass destruction; he and Rep Bonior say it may still be possible to work out new inspection approach that would satisfy Iraqis but fall short of what Bush wants; strong criticisms of them by Republican Sens Don Nickles and John McCain noted; photo (M) Democratic congressmen who are visiting Iraq this week stirred up anger among some Republicans when they questioned the reasons President Bush has used to justify possible military action against Iraq.

------------------"stirred up anger"------------

One of the congressmen, Representative Jim McDermott of Washington State, said today that he thought President Bush was willing ''to mislead the American people'' about whether the war was needed and that the administration had gone back and forth between citing supposed links between Iraq and the terrorist network Al Qaeda and Iraq's supposed attempts to obtain weapons of mass destruction.

----------------"willing to mislead the American people"----------------

Let's see how the war machine was oiled with the lies of right wing wack jobs! First, "The Weekly Standard" (Bill Kristol) trots out goofball motherfucker Stephen Hayes. You gotta read as much of this as you can stomach...
The Peacemongers
Peace advocates continue to shuttle in and out of Baghdad in an effort to save the children, prop up Saddam, and ensure the continued oppression of the Iraqi people.
by Stephen F. Hayes
01/14/2003 2:50:00 PM

".......Saddam's propagandists (Sean Penn, Bianca Jagger, the Congressmen, Scott Ritters and other of "Saddam's Propagandists)* weren't content to simply rebroadcast those comments. So Saddam's Iraq Daily started making up quotes. The government newspaper claimed that Penn had "confirmed that Iraq is completely clear of weapons of mass destruction" and had insisted that "the United Nations must adopt a positive stance towards Iraq."

*Emphasis added by NLTCP Blog

But, as it turns out. three congressmen, an activist, an actor, and a former weapons inspector were telling the truth. About it all. There were no weapons of mass destruction. BUSH IS A FUCKING LIAR.

Maybe today, or tomorrow, or whenever, Weekly Standard can suck up this ocean of slime they dumped on Real American Patriots. Or are they too cowardly. To egotistic. Too hubristic. Too fucking ignorant? Maybe the rest of the sick, decaying, war criminal minds and domestic terrorists inhabiting the gopper party and squatting in OUR WHITE HOUSE...maybe they will be forced by some means or another to beg for their lying asses in front of a War Crimes Tribunal. Maybe they, and these garbage writing anti-American media whores will get what's coming to them after the rape and slaughter of innocents and the country of Iraq. Maybe the DIXIE CHICKS well get to piss in all their faces!

Maybe these gopper mother fuckers will ALL BE HUNG....HUNG BY THE BALLS.


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