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As we enter a new era of politics, we hope to see that Obama has the courage to fight the policies that Progressives hate. Will he have the fortitude to turn the economic future of America to help the working man? Or will he turn out to be just a pawn of big money, as he seems to be right now.

Monday, June 30, 2003


Back in September, 2002, as the first anniversary of the junior bush's government's intelligence collapse was an underlying theme in the media-whore's bags of hot air, three American Patriots went to Baghdad to see for themselves, and their constituents, what kind of threat Saddam was posing to the poseurs in the bush_junta, and the rest of the world.

They came back, and along with American Hero Scott Ritter, said there WAS NO THREAT TO AMERICA FROM SADDAM HUSSEIN.

Now, this was enough to send the gopper fuckers completely beside themselves with rage, hate, lies, and character asassination. At the behest of the idiot_squatter in the White House, and henchmen Rove, Cheney, Toxic_Tom Delay, et al, the Gopper Domestic Terror machine was oiled , given their attack dogs, and put on the prowl. These four American heroes, three congressmen and ex-US Marine Scott Ritter, were to be ground into propaganda dust at every media outlet in the country. After all, THEY WERE TELLING THE TRUTH TO POWER. THEY WERE STATING THE FACTS. THEY WERE DOING THEIR JOBS. THEY WERE TRYING TO STOP A FUCKING WAR!!

September 30, 2002

THREATS AND RESPONSES: POLITICS; Congressman Says Bush Would Mislead U.S.

By JOHN H. CUSHMAN Jr. (NYT) 558 words
Late Edition - Final , Section A , Page 14 , Column 1
ABSTRACT - Reps David E Bonior, Mike Thompson and Jim McDermott, Democratic congressmen visiting Iraq, cause anger among some Republicans after questioning Pres Bush's rationale for possible military action against Iraq; McDermott accuses Bush of being willing to mislead American people over whether war is necessary with Iraq; says administration has vacillated between citing supposed links between Iraq and Al Qaeda terrorist network and Iraq's supposed attempts to obtain weapons of mass destruction; he and Rep Bonior say it may still be possible to work out new inspection approach that would satisfy Iraqis but fall short of what Bush wants; strong criticisms of them by Republican Sens Don Nickles and John McCain noted; photo (M) Democratic congressmen who are visiting Iraq this week stirred up anger among some Republicans when they questioned the reasons President Bush has used to justify possible military action against Iraq.

------------------"stirred up anger"------------

One of the congressmen, Representative Jim McDermott of Washington State, said today that he thought President Bush was willing ''to mislead the American people'' about whether the war was needed and that the administration had gone back and forth between citing supposed links between Iraq and the terrorist network Al Qaeda and Iraq's supposed attempts to obtain weapons of mass destruction.

----------------"willing to mislead the American people"----------------

Let's see how the war machine was oiled with the lies of right wing wack jobs! First, "The Weekly Standard" (Bill Kristol) trots out goofball motherfucker Stephen Hayes. You gotta read as much of this as you can stomach...
The Peacemongers
Peace advocates continue to shuttle in and out of Baghdad in an effort to save the children, prop up Saddam, and ensure the continued oppression of the Iraqi people.
by Stephen F. Hayes
01/14/2003 2:50:00 PM

".......Saddam's propagandists (Sean Penn, Bianca Jagger, the Congressmen, Scott Ritters and other of "Saddam's Propagandists)* weren't content to simply rebroadcast those comments. So Saddam's Iraq Daily started making up quotes. The government newspaper claimed that Penn had "confirmed that Iraq is completely clear of weapons of mass destruction" and had insisted that "the United Nations must adopt a positive stance towards Iraq."

*Emphasis added by NLTCP Blog

But, as it turns out. three congressmen, an activist, an actor, and a former weapons inspector were telling the truth. About it all. There were no weapons of mass destruction. BUSH IS A FUCKING LIAR.

Maybe today, or tomorrow, or whenever, Weekly Standard can suck up this ocean of slime they dumped on Real American Patriots. Or are they too cowardly. To egotistic. Too hubristic. Too fucking ignorant? Maybe the rest of the sick, decaying, war criminal minds and domestic terrorists inhabiting the gopper party and squatting in OUR WHITE HOUSE...maybe they will be forced by some means or another to beg for their lying asses in front of a War Crimes Tribunal. Maybe they, and these garbage writing anti-American media whores will get what's coming to them after the rape and slaughter of innocents and the country of Iraq. Maybe the DIXIE CHICKS well get to piss in all their faces!

Maybe these gopper mother fuckers will ALL BE HUNG....HUNG BY THE BALLS.

Sunday, June 29, 2003


By now, most Americans have seen the heroism of our Texas Congressional House Democrats. They took a stand on an important issue and did not let a small band of republican thugs and domestic terrorists lead by STOMP ideologue Toxic Tom DeLay, redraw our congressional districts here in Texas to crush democratic debate.

Instead the Democrats, unwilling to be pushed around by a nasty little terrorist bastard like Delay, deprived the Texas congress of a 'quorum' of enough legislators to take a vote on the dirty and hypocritical shuffling of voting districts to toss Democrats out of their districts. These Democrats were elected just 7 months ago. They were all opposed by gopper-bastards, but won.

Here we have a little more of Florida 2000. Bush lost the election but won his fucking lawsuit...and there he squats, in our White House. In California, goppers ran against Gray Davis and lost. What do they do? Try to use the money gopper congressman Darryl Issa (charged with auto theft and insurance fraud) puts up (he actually began an auto alarm company, which is where he made his money!) for another bite at the apple.

But it appears that serious violations and abuses of national trust and privacy were committed by Toxic Tom and other domestic terrorists in the Bush_junta. Using the HOMELAND SECURITY AGENCY to track and intercept American citizens is a serious breach of the Homeland Security Act. IT IS FUCKING ILLEGAL!!! Has the issue been pressed? Have Democrats held press conferences on the White House Lawn? Is Ken Starr coming out of retirement to punish the terrorists and preserve the hallowed RULE OF LAW??? Have the perpetrators been charged with breaking Federal Law? Of course not! Power..."Power corrupts. Absoulte power corrupts absolutely."

ReThugLicans have become domestic terrorists, using both the taxpayer's buck and national police for political purposes. These dirty, little bastards have no regard whatsoever for the RULE OF LAW unless of course, it involves the ZIPPER of the last, duly-elected President of the United States, Bill Clinton.

Back then, on May 16-03, I wrote a letter to the editor of the Houston Chronicle arguing that civil libertarians of both parties should condemn this action, and bring an immediate investigation and criminal/legal proceedings against all involved in the breath-taking crushing of "We The People's" constsitution. Both the domestic terrorists who instituted the search, and those who acquiesced to this search should hang by their balls. Nothing else would be acceptable. Where is the Secretary of Homeland Security on this issue? Playing with his LITTLE ARMY GUY.

If you can find cowardly Governor Ridge, he should have his fingernails slowly extracted, like they are doing to the other terrorist candidates in Guantanimo Bay, until he tells what happened. No Lawyer. Just a bright light hanging over his spring cot where he lies hog tied listening to LOUD REPLAYS of DIXIE CHICKS 24/7!

But he is a liar. He would certainly lie to protect his political benefactors, gopper terrorist thugs.

Anyone think awol_junior should condemn the Texas search as not part of the concept of this "HOMELAND SECURITY AGENCY?"

No. He's too busy making sure no school district is left standing. Spending your taxpayer dollars like it was ARBUSTO OIL money from his daddy's fat-cat buds! Bankrupting the country!

Of course junior never wanted this HSA in the first place. He fought it for NINE LONG MONTHS! The only reason he decided to impliment the idea was FBI agent Coleen Rowley was on National TV for two days on every channel, describing the breakdown in national security measures in the chimper White House, during his month long vacation in Crawford, that led to 9-11.

After chimper scrambled to steal the headlines back from Coleen Rowley, he quickly tried to put the whole matter of HSA to rest. He still hasn't funded the agency nearly to the extent he said he would; he tried to break federal employee unions with it; appointed discredited war criminal Henry Kisinger to cover up his complacency in the events of 9-11, and now he is using it to harass his political opposition.

The final insult? Agent Rowley, who stinking bush thanked profusely for rubbing his nose in shit, has been hounded by her FBI supervisors after receiving a promise from BUSH that such a thing will never happen to a valued "Whistle-Blower like Ms. Rowley."

And in a knee-slapper from HELL, Toxic Tom is back in TEXAS this week (6-30-03) where his bud, Guv Goodhair Perry, will BLOW him on Monday, without a condom, during a special session of Texas Congress--TO TRY THE GERRYMANDER TRICK ALL OVER AGAIN!!!

You really gotta hate rethuglikens. I mean really hate every single one of those dirty little terrorist bastards.

Bush, a lie a minute--or to quote junior's mentor Adolph Hitler:

"What a good thing for government that the people do not think!"

Governor Howard Dean in 2004!

The Lone Star Power Grab or CHEMICAL TOM'S BAAAACK

Editorial, New York Times
June 29, 2003

The unslakable thirst of the House majority leader, Tom DeLay, for partisan dominance is of Faulknerian proportions: he keeps coming at the Democrats with a gunslinger's bead that summons images of his early career as a pest exterminator as much as his Capitol nickname of the Hammer. In his tooth-and-claw resolve, the Texas Legislature has been summoned into special session tomorrow by Gov. Rick Perry, a DeLay ally, to once more take up Mr. DeLay's hubristic plan to remap Texas' Democratic Congressional majority out of existence.

The brazenness of the initiative - overreaching from Washington to manipulate the state's right to draw Congressional lines - was underlined last month when Democratic legislators literally fled Texas. They denied their opponents a quorum and foiled approval of the customized gerrymandering Mr. DeLay wanted from the G.O.P.-led Legislature. He sent his operatives to work the back rooms in Austin and visited the Statehouse himself in seeking to shape the place to his will. A new sort of political bossism was upon the land.

In persisting, Mr. DeLay obviously feels entitled. He is one of the nation's most assiduous fund-raisers, regularly squeezing Washington's K Street lobbyists for campaign tribute. The majority leader helped funnel $1.5 million into the Texas campaign coffers last year when the Republicans swept the Statehouse for the first time in over a century. The party did not have as much success with the Texas Congressional delegation, however, and Mr. DeLay remains determined to try to defeat a half-dozen Democrats by squeezing them into new districts - some of them shaped like a Salvador Dalí nightmare - that include more Republican voters. "I'm the majority leader, and we want more seats," he declares with intimations of l'état c'est Tom.

The Texas districts were remapped by court order after the 2000 census, and the national tradition of once-a-decade redistricting is being violated by Mr. DeLay's stratagem. He is gerrymandering out of season and mischievously opening a new arena for D.C. power brokering. He has the blessing of Karl Rove, President Bush's political guru, who lately sounds like Karl von Clausewitz in envisioning fresh ramparts for G.O.P. hegemony. Texas legislators should stay in Austin this time and directly rebuff the majority leader who would be king.

Why be a fucking pubiken if you can't screw the little people, give unbelievable billions to big, crooked industry so you can get it back at election time? Why be a stinking gopper if you can't rewrite the law as you go along? Whose gonna stop ya??

Chemical Tom. He has gassed thousands of his own people. Cockroaches.

Saturday, June 28, 2003

New York Times Stoops to Please--The Bush_Junta, of course...Get a Load of This!

Letter to Editor New York Times: (somewhat rewritten for the "Nasty Letters To Crooked Politicians" blog)

Embedded "journalists" are as useful as third handles on urinals. As in Patrick Taylor's final, censored comment on his relatively bland discussion of the demolition of a village of sheep farmers in Northern Iraq. Reporters were not allowed to go within a mile of the slaughter, or take pictures. But Patrick Taylor (Veil of Secrecy Around Village Hit in U.S. Raid 6-25-03) thinks he has it all figured out!! The real reason the bush_junta let him send to his handlers in the International News Department, NYT:

"The arrival of earth-moving equipment here suggested that American military forces may be preparing to set up a base here to guard this section of border."

Do you believe the mendacity that this 'in-bed-with' distorter has resorted to here? Imaginary, suggested, maybe, iffy, could-it-be, fairy tales, from NYT propaganda experts standing in the heat of the Iraqi desert too long...just fucking crazy.

All the news that's shit in print. New York Times. God, it stinks. Here, Patrick Taylor, to his undying shame and ignorance, seems willing to steno anything his in-beds tell them to put down. Can it get any worse? Patrick, you sound like a good, Irish-Catholic Lad! Get the hell offa your knees son and let's put the Little Army Guy back in that big soldier's pants.

"Stop right there," said Specialist Arthur Myers of New Jersey. "If you take a picture, I will break your camera."

How about the truth? Let's SUGGEST--The arrival of earth-moving equipment here suggested that American military forces may be shoving tons of dirt over their bloody slaughter so no one can use it against them in a war crimes trial?

Does anyone remember the Viet Nam village of Mei Lei? This has that Mei Lei village massacre stink all about it. How about we get some real reporters in there to tell the true, uncensored, UN-embedded story? The whole truth, nothing but the truth, so help you God? Now you know why I must write. Write day and night...Nasty Letters To Corrupt Politicians. We have never had such low, gutteral, well-thought out bullshit coming at us day and night from an administration like bush_junta, before in the HISTORY OF THE PLANET!

Or are censorship and lies good enough for most moron-merikens?

Friday, June 27, 2003

A Gangster Mentality in the White House (A No-Bushit Letter Posted On

June 20, 2003

When Richard Nixon got on national TV and stated, "I am not a crook," many were willing to cut him a break. To think better of a President of the United States.

But after reading about the lies you pander to place our young people in harm's way, the crushing of truth in the EPA report on Global Warming, your evasions and stumbles and selling out our nation to the highest bidder, I know George Walker Bush is not only a crook, but the worst sort of criminal: A War Criminal, subject to immediate arrest by international agencies and placement on the prisoner's dock along with your criminal co-conspirators.

Cheney--putting the interests of Haliburton ahead of the interests of Americans. Powell--placing lies, forgeries and plagiarized and stolen ten-year-old student term papers in front of the world. Rumsfeld--snide humor at the expense of perishing hundreds of thousands of Iraqi innocents.

You, and your junta, need to be arrested. You are genocidal murderers. Are your "Crimes Against the Peace" a little less than those of Milosevic? Is there a measuring tool that equates only a couple hundred thousand murders
that you have cunningly committed in Iraq and Afghanistan, of innocent civilians, verses the direct killing of Muslims by Milosevic?

You can tell it to the judges in the ICC. But first, you need to be cuffed and stuffed. You need to be placed on the prisoner's dock, right next to Milosevic and his killers.

You are feeling that HIGH that comes from absolute power. Absolute power corrupts, absolutely. You wanted to prove to the world that you were not the idiot who was handed the presidency of the USA by felonious judges on the SCOTUS.

But you were. And you are. And if you are found guilty by these courts, along with Tommy Franks, et al, you should be either imprisoned for life, or better, HUNG BY THE NECK UNTIL DEAD.

All of you, twisting in the wind together. Then we will have justice. The world demands justice for you, Mr. Bush. The world that you spoke of in the most derisive of terms. The French, the Germans, all correct about not engaging in the massacre of Iraq. But you, smirk and liar that you are, need to be placed in irons and receive the justice that the world and God demand.


God save America.


A. J.

Manipulation of our National Intelligence Files for Political Purposes, and WAR, Calls for IMPEACHMENT NOW

Not very long ago, in a nation close to here, a partisan political attack on a popular twice-elected president distracted the country from progress, produced a $70 million dollar charade of an investigation by the republican prosecutor Kenneth Starr, and ended with an impeachment trial of President Clinton. He was charged with telling a lie, and the jury found the charges false.

Now, on the word of another White House resident, we have sent nearly two hundred young American sons and daughters to their graves in the hot, Iraqi desert. We have no count of Iraqi dead, estimated in the hundreds of thousands, since Rumsfeld’s defense department ‘doesn’t do body counts anymore,’ and the reasons for all of this may well be lies and distractions from the Bush Administration, to cover up their total lack of an agenda for America’s future.

But on Wednesday, June 11, 2003, the same bunch of house republicans that so supported the ‘rule of law’ in 1998, decided that no investigations are necessary into the Bush administration’s bellicose lies.

It is important that Americans get to hear the reasons Bush beat the drums of war for four long months, in the face of mounting intelligence and proof that there was no imminent threat to America. It is important that the rule of law, the one that requires IMPEACHMENT of a president who has lied to Americans, is invoked right now.

This is not about a personal and consensual zipper puller. This is not about a $100,000 failed land deal in the Ozarks.

This is about war, putting our troops in harm’s way, and destroying a sovereign nation.

There can be no more important cause for open investigations, and if proven that Bush lied to America to put us in a war for oil, that Impeachment proceeding begin immediately. Any politician who would cover up the truth now, with more lies, even by trying to parse the word "investigation" as Senator Roberts (R) did on ABC's Sunday Morning gasbag event, is guilty of complicity in the worst state misadventure in the history of the Republic.

It IS an INVESTIGATION, not a tea party. It is there to determine if IMPEACHMENT by the congress is the answer. It must be open, bipartisan, and complete. Otherwise, the flawed election of 2000, which has left a squatter sitting in the President's chair, has become an atrocity with tens of thousands of dead in the sand in the Iraqi desert.

Congressman Thomas Delay, 8th Congressional District, Sugarland Texas, wrote to me, and other "appeasers of dictators," back in March 2003, before the "Shock and Awe" of a destroyed Iraq, infrastructure and all, would be our National Gift of Peace to the world.

Dear Mr. DeLay:

I was among several thousand of your constituents, sir, who wrote to you opposing a war in Iraq.

You took very little time responding to me, and others you termed as "appeasers," a condescending word implying "Cowards," as you flippantly stated that "by time we find the smoking gun it will be too late."

Once again, Mr. Delay, I have to wonder if, indeed, you are a madman. Insane. Working not only to force your corrupt policy on Texans with your "redistricting" ploy, but also craving the power that comes from being part of a 'wartime' party.

You have shown nothing to any of your constituents, Mr. Delay, if not an obsession with your insane views of power. Now it becomes your responsibility to prove your accusations to me, and other 'appeasers,' doesn't it. Either we were right and there was no reason for young Americans to fight and die in the Iraqi desert--in a war for oil and money and power--or you were right. And then of course, the WMD--millions of gallons of poisons and gases and even a nuclear weapons program able to strike at the United States--will be discovered.

I would hope you did not lie. I hope you are shown to be correct. If not, you and Bush and Cheney and Rice and Powell and Wolfowitz and Perle, and others, should all be tried before an International Tribunal for War Crimes. Crimes against the Peace, as were the NAZIS.

You are a responsible party for the destruction of hundreds of American lives, hundreds more to come out of the actions still to happen in Iraq, and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi innocents. You are an elected official. Responsible to the people in your district and this country.

Should that be proven to a War Crimes Tribunal, as it was with the NAZIS, you should be HUNG BY THE NECK UNTIL DEAD, as they were.

Otherwise, I will happily extend my apologies.


Houston, Texas

A Cancer Is Growing In the White House

Dear Leader Daschle:

I have the greatest regard for you, and Ms. Pelosi, and Senator Byrd. You are all consistently on the side of the Constitution and "We The People."

Now it is time to take the fight to your own Congress and demand OPEN hearings on the reasons we sent our young service people to answer a call to arms, and die, for the rights of United States Citizens. Not for the United States of the Republican Oil Cartel.

This is the most disgusting development in the history of America, and all of us need to hear it ALL. Nothing hidden behind Bush's Crafty Curtain of lies, or Rummy's snickering one-liners.

Please take the advice of the columnist Robert Scheer, below, and DO SOMETHING. DO IT NOW.

Thank you

------------------Robert Scheer-------------

The Fact That Hussein's Gone Doesn't Make Lying Right

By Robert Scheer (LA Times)(2003-06-24)

There was a time when the sickness of the political far left could best be defined by the rationale that the ends justified the means. Happily, support for revolutionary regimes claiming to advance the interests of their people through atrocious acts is now seen as an evil dead end by most on the left. Immoral and undemocratic means lead inevitably to immoral and undemocratic ends.

Unfortunately, junior Machiavellis claiming to wear the white hat still are running amok among us. This time, however, they are on the right, apologists for the Bush administration arguing that noble ends justify deceitful means. With the administration's core rationale for invading Iraq --saving the world from Saddam Hussein's deadly arsenal -- almost wholly discredited, the Republicans now want us to believe that any distortions of the truth should have been forgotten once we took Baghdad.

As Newt Gingrich put it last week: "Does even the most left-wing Democrat want to defend the proposition that the world would be better off with Saddam in power?� The quick answer is that we don't know what the future holds for Iraq.

Our track record of military interventions in the Middle East and elsewhere would lead any competent historian or Vegas bookie to conclude that a stable secular dictatorship is about the best outcome we can predict. But the larger, more frightening meaning of Gingrich's statement is that in order to rid the world of a tinhorn dictator who posed no credible threat to the United States, it was just dandy to lie to the people. It was OK to lie about the nonexistent evidence of ties between Hussein and Al Qaeda. It was OK to lie about the U.N. weapons inspectors, claiming they were suckered by Hussein. It was OK to lie, not only to Americans but to our allies in this war, about "intelligence" alleging that Iraq's military had chemical and biological weapons deployed in the field.

Only it's not OK. Washington's verbal attack on the U.N. inspectors, for example, is of no small consequence, undermining global efforts to prevent nuclear weapons proliferation. Meanwhile, to justify a political faction's blunder we ignore core values upon which this country was built.

The New York Times on Friday blithely referred to the use of "coercive" measures in interrogating former Iraqi scientists and officials. Apparently, protections in international treaties for political prisoners do not apply to us. Similarly, the indefensible gambit of preemptive war has seriously damaged two of this nation's most precious commodities -- our democracy and the reputation of our form of government.

By giving Congress distorted and incomplete intelligence on Iraq, the Bush administration mocks what is most significant in the U.S. model: the notion of separation of powers and the spirit of the Constitution's mandate that only Congress has the power to declare war. Is this an exaggeration? Consider that on Oct. 7, 2002, four days before Congress authorized the Iraq war, President Bush asserted that intelligence data proved Iraq had trained Al Qaeda "in bomb making and poisons and deadly gases." Yet no such proof existed. Never in modern times have we beheld a Congress so easily manipulated by the executive branch.

Last week, the Democrats on the Senate Intelligence Committee caved in and dropped their opposition to closed hearings on whether Congress was lied to. How can they not be open to the public, which is expected under our system to hold the president and Congress accountable?

To be sure, many Americans were never fooled, and many more have become upset at seeing continuing casualties and chaos in Iraq after Bush's pricey aircraft carrier photo op signaled that the war was over. But much of our public has been too easily conned. For contrast, consider that in Britain the citizens, Parliament and media have been far more seriously engaged in questioning the premises of their government's participation in the invasion of Iraq. This administration's behavior is an affront to the nation's founders and the system of governance they crafted. It is sad that we now have a president who acts like a king and a Congress that is his pawn.

Thank you for all you do!

Houston, Texas

Get Ready to Watch the Tucker Carlson Shoe-Leather Dodge!

06.26.03 Tucker Eats it. Eats it Raw.

For any of you who do not already know, Tucker Carlson, bowtie boy of CNN's daily political fireworks show Crossfire, is in trouble big. I sent this email to him to rub his nose in it.

(Note: I worked with CNN for two years, as an online chat host. I know things about their chat and chat policies that I will reveal in these pages. It is not a pretty picture. I also created transcripts of our online 'guest' chats. This included a lot of big names in entertainment and mainly, politics.

Stay tuned. I will post the entire transcripts of such things as the now-deceased, yet none the less vitriolic, Barbara Olsen. If I were Ted, I wouldn't miss her.)

-------------------------------Email to Tucker-----6-24-03---------------Chomp Chomp--------The Tucker Shoe Leather Dodge---


I know there can be little joy in your life at this time. You were unable to control your cocky and insipid remarks regarding the new blockbuster book by Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, “Living History.” Your vow to eat your shoes and tie should the book reach one million in sales has made you not only a laughing stock among those liberals who know you are a rabid Clinton-hater and bad dresser.

A jackass who never has any research in place before a show begins, but a hyperventilating loud mouth, as well. Worse, you are a subject of pity among your conservative associates who must be racking their brains seeking to grease the skids for you to escape your impending culinary catastrophe.

When a liberal associate of mine said Tucker Carlson is simply a joker in the Republican deck of cards who will do anything to get out of a promise made in front of millions of viewers, I defended you.

I said, “Hell no, he’s a great cook and will eat his shoes, AND TIE on live TV to prove it!”

Next we can expect to see you doing the Bush-Dodge, saying that there has to be a recount. Bringing a team of lawyers (but all you right wing hack jobs hate trial lawyers, don’t you?) You will parse what the verb “to eat” means. You will duck and dodge like junior on his best game. You will bring in Ann Coulter, internationally renowned constitutional attorney, to make your case hard. Or hardly make your case.

Finally, though, the clock will run out and you will have to make a decision.

I look forward to the live presentation of Tucker Carlson saying, “I did not have socks with those shoes.”

Bon appetite, buddy.

A. J.

Houston, Texas